Milton Keynes Rapper Lucan Mills Asked To Perform For Top Record Labels!

The very handsome Lucan Mills!

The very handsome Lucan Mills!

Milton Keynes rapper Lucan Mills, 24 has been asked to rap exclusively for record labels such as Warner, Universal and Sony, who work with artists such as Union J, Birdy and Luke Friend, after proving a hit with judges at the Open Mic UK Finals at the Grand Final which took place at the NEC in Birmingham where Heidi Browne who is from Shropshire was announced as the winner. The judging panel for the final included representatives from the three labels as well as Mark Hill, Alex Baker, Gareth Henderson, BBC DJs and Chris Grayston.

Mills said: “There is nothing more I could have wanted from this competition. I just thought I would be able to make some contacts and spread my tracks but to be able to perform in front of these labels after invitation is like a win -taking it to the next level.”

Jeez that must be nerve-wracking! Best of luck to him! Hope it goes well! 🙂

The Xtra Factor Highlights 2013!

Matt and Caroline did a great job on this year's The Xtra Factor!

Matt and Caroline did a great job on this year’s The Xtra Factor!

Last year as well as enjoying The X Factor I enjoyed The Xtra Factor too! And here I am going to give you my five highlights from the show in no particular order!

Highlight 1: Matt Richardson:

It was excellent to see new presenter Matt Richardson make his debut on The Xtra Factor. He is a guy who has everything. He’s a great presenter, he’s funny, he seems down-to-earth and lovely and he’s funny. Particular highlights include his fake audition for X Factor which just cracked me up, his and Caroline piece on bringing back contestants for another audition at the arena, his winkie his bath-time with Matt, all the hanging out with the contestants moments and his moments with the audience especially with his mum, dad and Johnny Robinson. Him and Caroline did a great job!

Highlight 2: Louis’s Boys:

The three of Louis’s boys Sam, Nicholas and Luke were lovely and down-to-earth this year and I loved their interviews on The Xtra Factor.

Highlight 3: Olly Murs’s and Robbie Williams’s Night Out With The Contestants:

When the remaining guys at the time had a night out with Olly and Robbie that looked fun!

Highlight 4: The Guests:

There was many great contestants including Olly Murs, Rylan Clark, Barbara Winsor, Dynamo,Union J, The Vamps, Louis and Niall from One Direction, Matt Johnson, Ashwin Abinashi, Leona Lewis and Katy B as well as all the fun contestants were back to dance to The Vamps at the end that week including Diva Fever, Johnny Robinson and Wagner.

Highlight 5: Great Auditions:

I thought Lee Lambert and Ryan Davis were brilliant.