Poem: Just Like That



She felt so let down

in him,

in herself,

she wondered how

she thought there was a connection there,

some mutual feeling of respect and liking

and yet in seconds he

burned bridges,

erased her from his life,

just like that,

just like that,

after all she had done to help him,

just like that.

Though she wanted to be hard,

she knew she’d help him again

in the future,

it’s hard to burn bridges she knew

when you were in love

and she knew she’d be there for him again

just like that.

Poem: Fatuous Fatigue



of trying to please you,


I was not perfect either


then neither were you also,


had so much going on


I did not forget you,


you did clearly forget me,


people who never did care,


how I wish I wish


I didn’t care no more,


I will always bloody care,


it is endless fatuous fatigue


you are such hard work,


but you are worth it,


I am so caught up,


I put you before me,


just such a fatuous fatigue,


the entire reason why here.

Poem: Argentine Tango With John


John was super handsome,

he was tall, dark and handsome

but Adam knew he had more

depth than that.

He was the kind of man

who had did ballroom from

when he was a little boy,

was absorbed by the world,

Adam worked in the canteen area

of the new ballroom studios

which John’s Mum and Dad,

two of the ballroom legends

owned and he would watch

this dapper man dance with

his long-term dance partner Laura

dreaming of him taking him in his arms

out on that floor,

John could lead, thought Adam,

I wouldn’t have a clue what to do if he didn’t

after all.


The months passed and one night

John extended his hand,

a warm smile,

a gentleman way about him

as usual,

Adam stepped forward

and took his hand,

no music,

just the sound of their steps

gracing across the floor,

“I’ll love to take you on a date

if you’d want to come with me?”,

John said.

Want to?!, John I’ve being dying for you 

to ask!, thought Adam.

“Might be fun, yeah.”, he replied instead.

They continued to glide across the floor

unaware that the future held in store

their marriage,


a gorgeous cottage

and a dog called Ralf.

And of course much dancing together.


Poem: Never Change



Most people see her outer beauty

and she’s not immune

but she sees so much more,

she sees that she’s intelligent,


she knows she could walk rings around her

in the department of brain power,

she’s the calm

to her passionate sails

but just as passionate.

But she’d never try to change her

and she’d never want her to change.

She loves her because she cares, her heart’s kind,

she doesn’t see difference,

she’s both sensible and immature

with a brilliant sense of humour,

she believes in myself when she’s around her.

Poem: Together


He is the burning catalyst

that brings out the steel

buried inside her.

She is the calm

that directs the fire

that burns inside him.

Together they have a balance

of fight, determination,

of never backing down

and of care and protection

in the face of those

trying to make them suffer.

Together their richness of personalities combine,

their powerful hearts full of love combine,

together they are a powerful and gentle force,

together they are tight,

together they can be themselves without judgement,

together they have found what we all want.

The One I Love

Your physical beauty is undeniable,

But your soul is your crowning glory,

Your personality glows with radiance,

That strength of character,

That beautiful gentleness,

Alluring mystique mixed with alluring openness,

You are one of the most real people I know,

You are kindness and love

And the one I love.