“Cheryl Is Back!”, Confirms Simon Cowell!

Cheryl Cole is returning to The X Factor panel!

Cheryl Cole has returned to The X Factor judging panel, it has been revealed. The 30-year-old Newcastle lady, who previously appeared on the panel and won the show twice with Alexandra Burke and Joe McElderry, was speculated to be coming back during the annual rumour mill.

Simon Cowell tweeted, “It’s official. Cheryl is back. Most importantly she is a brilliant judge of talent.” 

Cheryl has said she is “happy and excited” about her return to the hit show and tweeted a picture of herself pretending to throttle the programme’s creator, with a tweet which read: “Guess what. I’m baaaacccckkkkk.”

Fellow judge Louis Walsh said on his Twitter page: “It’s official. Cheryl is back. Oh no.”

Simon Cowell Set To Return To The X Factor UK And Louis Walsh Has Renewed His Contract!

Simon Cowell is set to return!

The X Factor UK’s longest standing judge Louis Walsh is set to return!

Simon Cowell is set to return to the UK X Factor after three years judging on the US version which has just been cancelled by Fox. Cowell has been upbeat about coming back. He said through ITV’s press office that he is “absolutely thrilled to be returning to The X Factor UK. It’s been three years since I last judged the competition and I’m excited to find a global superstar again.”

Louis Walsh will also return ensuring that the duo of Cowell and Walsh is set to appear on our screens again. There has been many rumours circulating about who the other judges will be but Cowell said,

“Despite all the rumours, ITV and the producers have not decided on the rest of the judging panel quite yet. You’ll just have to wait and see….”


George Shelley Talks To The Irish Independent!

George Shelley spoke to The Irish Independent before his pending gig in Dublin's 02!

George Shelley spoke to The Irish Independent before his pending gig in Dublin’s 02!

George with his Union J bandmates!

George with his Union J bandmates!

Union J will be playing the 02 on Tuesday. I know that because I’m going and I am so excited! So George from the band spoke to The Irish Independent about fans, been known overnight, his crippling shyness, why he doesn’t feel Union J are the next One Direction, been bullied at school and The X Factor amongst other things.

 Talking about having many screaming teenagers chasing them, he said,

“Do you know, those girls who break into hotels and all that … we’re very much like them. We listen to our fans a lot and do surveys and stuff. What comes back is that they see us as an ’emotional’ boyband. At the same time, they think we are crazy — the weirdest boys ever. Some of the stuff we come out with in interviews is just off the wall. Our fans are crazy and emotional and we are too.”

Speaking about how they have their own minds instead of been complete puppets for their record company, George said,

Actually our label have had a nightmare with us. We want to make sure everything is right. We were put together as a band on X Factor. When that happened, the four of us had a meeting where we decided what sort of band we wanted to become. Even on X Factor you can see we always had a vision — the kind of music we want to do, the way we want to present ourselves. For instance, I designed our logo. We have regular meetings with our stylists. We get final approval on record covers, the photos that go up on the website. All of it. It’s great fun — at the end of the day you are in a business too and you have to remember that.”

On what he thinks of the comparisons to One Direction, he said, “They are the biggest boyband in the world. We look up to them hugely. We’re on RCA, they’re signed to Syco, which operates out of the same building. We have met the guys — gone golfing with Niall. They have worked very hard to be where they are. We want to take a leaf out of their book. At the same time, from day one we were very clear in our minds that we didn’t want to be a copy of One Direction. We are Union J — there is a major divide. One Direction are very poppy and upbeat. We’re more a vocal group. There are songs on our album you wouldn’t expect from a boyband.”

Speaking about their time on The X Factor he said, “I got three ‘yes’ responses at the audition. The only ‘no’ was from Louis Walsh. He didn’t think I was ready to be a solo artist and told me to come back next year. Then I got the call from him — he had an idea. So I joined the band Triple J and we became Union J. It was weird — it’s all ups and downs in this business. If you want to enjoy the ups you have to stand strong in the face of the downs.”

On been shy and been bullied at school he opened up saying, “I am not the most confident person in the world. I was too shy to sing in front of my family. Basically my best mate made me go on X Factor. Some people on the show have done massively well from putting their personality out there. I was bullied at school. I got a hard time for being overweight. My confidence has been an issue.”

He also spoke about how he sees his future in songwriting after Union J finishes but said, ” Obviously Union J is not going to last forever. It will have a shelf-life. As long as Union J is a going concern, however, it will be my priority.”

The Strength of Our Love: Union J, Mostly George and Jaymi Fanfic Part 2!

Jaymi Hensley!

Jaymi Hensley!

George Shelley!

George Shelley!

Here is the second part of my fanfic The Strength of Our Love:

Title: The Strength of Our Love

Disclaimer: I don’t know Union J and I’m not saying anything about their real sexualities. What I’m writing is complete fiction.


George looked at Jaymi looking at his mobile phone as the four of them sat together in the canteen area of The X Factor studios. He knew he was avoiding him the best he could and he knew who he was texting. Or trying to text really because he wasn’t very good at texting. Olly!, he thought bitterly and he knew he shouldn’t be thinking so bitterly. He was his boyfriend after all. Who else would he be texting?! JJ and Josh decided to get up to get extra drinks.

“Do you want me to help you guys?”, Jaymi asked quickly.

“No, you’re fine. We can get them.”, JJ smiled and him and Josh went over to the drinks machine. Jaymi went back to texting.

“This is ridiculous.”, George said awkwardly.

 Jaymi didn’t reply. His mouth curved slightly but otherwise he made no visible reaction to George’s comment.

“Jaymi, say something please. I kissed you. It’s not like I hit or anything.”

Jaymi looked around quickly making sure that no one had heard that.

“You keep your voice down! It’s alright for you. You’re single. I have a fiance!”

“I know and do you think I want to be after a guy who has a fiance?! Of course I don’t! But Jaymi I really like you. But it’s completely up to you on your side. It’s just the way you’re reacting is a bit extreme.”


“Well yeah. I mean if you don’t want me fine. I’ll understand. But I would like to think we could still be friends.”

“You can’t be friends with someone who fancies you.”

“Do you really think that or is that the easy way out?”

“You have no idea what I’m going through.”

“How could I? You’re not exactly opening up to me, are you?”

“None of it is easy and no I’m not opening up to you because I barely know you! You might have made up this connection in your head but it doesn’t exist in reality George. You made it all up in your head.”

“Then why didn’t you stop me kissing you at first?”

“Because you had me pressed to the bed.”, Jaymi practically whispered.

“You have a bit more strength than that! You pushed me off with enough force when you finally did push me off.”

“I don’t want to talk about this anymore and I don’t have to.”

“Do you love him?”

Jaymi hesitates before speaking.

“Of course I love him! That’s a stupid question! I’m living with him, I’m going to marry him. Of course I love him!”

“Really?! You sound like your trying to convince yourself!”

“Oh you’d love that to be true, wouldn’t you?! Well get over yourself! I feel nothing for you! You’re just a stupid lovesick kid!”

“Kid?! I’m only a few years younger than you!”

Josh and JJ came back with the drinks and that puts an end to their row.


Later George waited until he realised that Jaymi was in the room himself and went up to the door. When he opened the door slightly, he could hear Jaymi on the phone.

“Olly we’re going to do some rehearsing later … Yeah, I miss you too.”

He ended the call and lay into his pillow crying. George went in, closed the door and walked over to the bed. He sat down on the side of the bed and put his hand on Jaymi’s arm gently.

“Jaymi, are you alright?”, he asked softly.

He was starting to feel very protective towards Jaymi lately. He guessed it was love.

“No. Do I look alright?”, Jaymi said sitting up at the other side of the bed wiping his tears.

“Don’t be embarrassed about crying.”

“Look, I don’t want to talk to you about it.”

“Jaymi why did you tell Olly we were rehearsing later? We’re not!”

“Eavesdropping, were you?”

“No, just …”

“Because I don’t want to talk to him later. Because every time I hear his voice I feel guilty. He’s back at home thinking everything’s Ok and it’s not and I hate myself for that.”

“But you haven’t done anything wrong on him.”

“You’re right about the kiss. I didn’t resist at first and I have considered cheating on him with you so many times and it’s not right on him. He’s a good person.”

“But you don’t love him anymore?”

“I never said that.”, Jaymi says and gets up from the bed.

George stands up and catches his arm.

“Jaymi, you’re not a bad person.”

“Sometimes it doesn’t feel like that.”, Jaymi replies, shaking his arm free from George’s grip and walking to the door where he stops and turns around.

“George, I’m sorry for snapping so much at you. It’d not your fault. You’re free and single to do what you want. This mess is completely my fault.”

And with that he has left before George gets the chance to say that he thinks it’s as much his fault as his.


George sits at the bar sipping his drink. Josh sits in the chair beside him and orders a drink from the bar man.

“So mate do you fancy going out to pull a few birds later?”


“To pull a few birds?”

George knew he had to put a stop to this. If he didn’t Josh would be introducing him to various ladies and then it would get really awkward.

“Josh, can I tell you something?”

The bar man comes back with Josh’s drink.

“Thanks mate.”, Josh says before turning back to George,

“Yeah, of course you can.”

“Well …”, George began and stopped.

“What is it? Come on tell me. It can’t be that big.”

“I’m not really into meeting any birds.”

“Oh you’re career-orientated. That’s fine. I get that.”

“No! I mean … I mean that I’m gay.”

Josh looks offended.

“Why didn’t you tell me?!”

“I didn’t know how you’d react.”

“What do you mean?! I’m not a homophobe! Jaymi’s one of my best friends!”

“No, Josh I don’t mean that. I just wanted to fit in with you. You know have something in common. We’re so different as it is. I just wanted something we could talk about.”

“George you don’t have to be anything you’re not. I like you as you are. And I don’t mean that in a gay way.”

George smiled.

“Same here mate.”

“So do you want to go on the pull tonight?”

George hesitated.

“I don’t know.”

“Oh come on. You might meet a guy you like. In fact you’re bound to. You’re a good-looking dude … Oh you already like someone!”

“No! No I don’t.”

“Is it one of the dancers?”


“What? No, Rylan’s a cool guy but I don’t think of him like that.”

“One of the District 3 lads?”

“No …”


“No …”

“Is it an older man like Kye, Chris, Brian Friedman …”

“I’m not into older men!”

“So you don’t fancy Louis then?”, Josh smiles.

“No. Louis’s a great mentor …”

“It’s not one of us, is it?”

George hesitates.


“It’s not me is it? Because George mate I didn’t mean to give you off that impression …”

“It’s not you!”

“Oh. Why not?!”

“Oh I can’t win with you, can I?”

“I’m a good-looking man …”

“I didn’t say you weren’t Josh. You’re just not my ty- … You’re too good of a friend that it’d just feel weird.”

“Aw! Ok, JJ then?”



George hesitated.


“Oh no George mate, please say you don’t fancy Jaymi! He has Olly. They are so in love. Mate take a step back. You’re only going to get hurt.”

“I didn’t say I fancied Jaymi!”

“Mate you didn’t have to. Your lack of a quick response said it all. Does he know?!”

“I haven’t time for this Josh! You can Sherlock somewhere else!”, George said, knocking back the last of his drink, standing up and storming off.

His reaction told Josh all he needed to know.


Jaymi sat in their room watching Glee when Josh came in and switched it off.

“Oi! I was watching that!”

“We need to talk Jaymi.”

“Really? What about?”


Jaymi’s face falls.

“What about George?”

“Look I know I only know George a short while but he and I have become very good friends …”

“That’s good.”

“Don’t interrupt me. This is important.”


“Don’t mess him about …”

“What about Olly?! He’s my boyfriend! He’s the one I’m really messing around!”

“You’re messing them both around!”

“I’m not doing it intentionally! I told George it wasn’t his fault. I love Olly. It’s not going to go anywhere with George!”

“Have you made that clear to George?”

“Maybe not. But …”

“But nothing! You have to be honest with him!”

“Yeah I will be.”, Jaymi replied unconvincingly.

Realisation comes over Josh.

“Oh my god, you’re not sure who you love are you?”

“Of course I am! I love Olly!”, Jaymi said in an unconvincing way.

“Are you trying to convince me or yourself?”

Tears fall from Jaymi’s eyes.

“I don’t know.”

“Oh mate.”, Josh says taking him into a hug and letting him cry into him.


More soon! 🙂

Sam Callahan Speaks To TVNOW!

Sam Callahan was interviewed for this week's TVNOW!

Sam Callahan was interviewed for this week’s TVNOW!

The babe that is former X Factor finalist Sam Callahan was interviewed in Irish mag TVNOW. For this week’s issue.

In the issue the cutie spoke about many things including the negativity which he faced on The X Factor from people on Twitter.
Callahan said, There’d be a lot of people having a go on Twitter and all that. The best thing you can do is just not let it get to you.”
But the strong boy from Essex stated that he didn’t let the negative comments keep him off the social networking site because he sees it as “an amazing tool, no matter what industry you’re in.”

Speaking of his mentor during the contest Louis Walsh that he gave him great advice during the contest. Walsh told him to “believe in yourself.” and added that he said, “If you don’t believe in yourself, he told me, who less will.”

Speaking of his harshest critic on the judging panel Gary Barlow, he said,
“I had a lot of people giving me a hard time, especially Gary Barlow, who said I shouldn’t have been in the competition at all. But I was thinking throughout, you know, I know what I’m doing here.”

He also said that he “avoided all the bad press during the show” and that his family and friends were a his source of strength.

Speaking about his rumoured romance with fellow former contestant Tamera Foster he remained quite secretive but did say about the rumours that they are together,
“That is true. To an extent. I mean it’s not official but there’s something happening. We talk and text a lot! She’s a nice girl. But she’s sick at the moment so I can’t see her. I don’t want to catch her sickness with all the gigs I’m doing!”

The Celebrities Show Their Support For World Aids Day!

Gok Wan made a YouTube video for World Aids Day

Gok Wan made a YouTube video for World Aids Day

Kind-hearted Charlie Condou showed his support

Kind-hearted Charlie Condou showed his support

December 1st was World Aids which was a huge day in aid of a fantastic cause and many celebrities were out in force to show their support.

World AIDS Day is a high-profile event all over the world to raise awareness and support to people living with HIV.

Fashion stylist and presenter Leicester’s Gok Wan appeared in a YouTube video for the day done a very tongue-in-cheek way as he got across the message of wearing the important red pin for the important day. And other celebrities such as Corrie star Charlie Condou, The X Factor judges and presenter Dermot O’ Leary, Dr Christian Jessen from Embarrassing Bodies and The Good Wife’s Alan Cumming wore the pin in support.

American singer Alicia Keyes also played a concert in New York in support of the day.

To see Gok Wan’s very important video message go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkmPaYntqrE

For more information and to purchase your ribbon go to: http://www.worldaidsday.org/

Union J

I am a huge Union J fan. A huge Jcat. Each of them are really talented, nice, down-to-earth and let’s be honest quite easy on the eye! I love watching their YouTube videoes and reading their interviews in magazines.


Union J are a British boyband, previously called Triple J who found fame on last year’s UK version of the X Factor in front of judges former Take That front man Gary Barlow, former Pussycat Dolls front woman Nicole Scherzinger, N-Dubs singer Tulisa and their mentor music svengali and my fellow Irish person Louis Walsh. It was the ninth X Factor in the UK.


Band members are Jaymi Hensley, JJ Hamblett, George Shelley and Josh Cuthbert. Hensley and Cuthbert met first when they were both in Sylvia Young Theatre School in London. Their manager Blair Dreelan later put Hamblett into the band. They called the group Triple J because all their names began with J and there was three of them. The group auditioned in London for X Factor with Rihanna’s “We Found Love” while George Shelley auditioned also in London with his guitar doing an acoustic version of Britney Spears’ “Toxic”.


James William Hensley was born on the 24th of February 1990 in Luton in Bedforshire. He is living with his boyfriend Olly Marmon who is a hairdresser in Chilli Reds in London. They met when Olly was working in a bar and began dating. After dating they moved in together. They got engaged in Rome in 2010. Their anniversary is 24 and because of this and because both their birthdays are the 24th (Olly’s is the 24th of April) and also because Jaymi’s birthday is in the second month and Olly’s is in the fourth month Jaymi got a tattoo which included the number 24 in it. He also has a tattoo with Oliver on his wrist. Jaymi’s mother’s name is Jackie Hensley and his father’s name is David Hensley. He has a brother called Aaron. He has a dog called Maxxy who is a dote, a cat and two goldfish. He came out that he was gay just before the quarter final of X Factor which was a very brave thing to do. He had come out to his family when he was 14. Jaymi previously went to Sylvia Young Theatre School. He likes tattoos, Beyonce and his favourite song is her song Run The World. He also likes the films Avatar and Twilight. He was bullied in school. Prior to been in Union J he was a teaching assistant and also taught dancing and singing. He also performed at Maspalomas Pride 2012 where he sang The Wanted’s Glad You Came, Rihanna’s We Found Love and Chris Brown’s Yeah 3x and at Maspalomas Pride a previous year he sang I Breathe Again by Adam Rickett with three hot backing dancers. He also sang Billie Jean by Michael Jackson at Open Mic UK. He was also in a band called Code5ive and they did a version of Lionel Richie’s Hello. The band at one stage supported Westlife. His celebrity crush is Tom Daley who he says it was really awkward when he met because he’d said he was his celebrity crush in an interview. He is very much an advocate of people been themselves. His Bio on his individual Twitter account is as follows: “Boyband Member,Geek,Boyfriend,Gay Boy. Labels are for losers! Be yourself not someone else! Stand for something! LoveisLove!” I really admire this about him because it’s something I feel very strongly about myself and he’s getting the message out there and for that I salute him.


George Paul Shelley was born on the 27th of July 1993 in Clevedon in North Somerset. (Do you think his parents just might have been Beatles fans? Or is that just wishful thinking on my part because I love The Beatles?) His mother’s name is Toni Harris and his father’s name is Dominic Shelley. He has two older brothers Will Shelley and Tom Harris, a younger sister Harriet Shelley and three younger brothers Leo, Archie and Spencer Shelley, and  two step-sisters; Annabelle and Louisa Allen. He has a dog Arthur who is dead cute. He also has three hamsters Gloria, Steven and Oliver. He is self taught on the guitar and thought himself how to play it at 13. Before been in Union J, George was a student. He also worked in his local coffee shop Costa as well as his local clothing shop and card shop. George is a self-confessed geek and I love him for it. He is a whizz on computers and his celebrity crushes are Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. Gomez made a YouTube where she talked to George in which she said, “Hey, George, it’s Selena. I was in London for a bit and I’m bummed I missed you so next time give me call.” He likes the colour red, monkeys, spaghetti, “Live It Up” by Tulisa, American Horror Story and The Big Bang Theory. He likes the actor Evan Peters in American Horror Story. He was bullied in school.


Jaime Paul Hamblett a.k.a. JJ was born on the 25th of May 1988 in Newmarket in Suffolk. JJ stands for Jockey Jamie because prior to joining Union J he had been a jockey. He lives with his girlfriend Catharina Lopez who is a model. He has a brother Ashley and a sister Otea. He has a dog called Lola who is a pug and is just the most adorable little creature. It isn’t surprising that JJ was a jockey because he grew up in Newmarket and there’s a racetrack there. I do bets and you hear the Newmarket meeting is on. In his career as a jockey he rode as an apprentice jockey for trainer, Sir Michael Stoute. He was still riding for John Gosden before the show. He was in over 260 races and won 24. He rode in one race for the Queen and got to meet her. He likes the films Twilight and I Love You Man but doesn’t like elastic bands. He also likes BBQ, horses, giraffes and Kings of Leon’s Sex on Fire and he supports Wolves. As well as been a jockey JJ also did modelling and appeared in the show Campus 202 playing Fredrico’. He had a profile on starnow.co.uk. (Brings back memories, the first time I seen that site was when I was looking at Aaron Buckingham’s profile post V.) On the site JJ says, “I am a very hard worker and a professional at what i done, i have got the drive to make a name for myself as an actor and believe i have the ability to do so. “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”



Joshua Thomas John Cuthbert was born on the 28th of July in the year of 1992 in Ascot in Berkshire. His mother’s name is Kathryn Cuthbert and his father’s name is Graham Browne. He has a brother Callum and a sister Victoria. He has a cat called Oreo who is just adorable. When he was younger he was in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in the West End. He says of this that it was when he knew “that singing was what I wanted to do.” Jason Donovan was in the main role of in the play which was the role a younger Dick Van Dyke played in the movie version. Other stars who were in it were Christopher Biggins, Brian Conley and Stephen Gately. He said of Gately, “He was fantastic, and he was an idol of mine. We used to chat a lot, and I was in another boyband before Union J that actually toured with Boyzone, so it was good to catch up again. I really looked up to them when I was younger. His advice was to follow what you want to do, what makes you happy.” Before he was in Union J, Josh worked in I.T sales. He also played football and was originally chosen ahead of Tom Parker for a place in boyband The Wanted after open auditions were held to find the five members but couldn’t take the place because he was already under contract with the band Replay. Josh likes walruses, pigeons, the film The Notebook, Deal or No Deal and Shrek. His celebrity crushes are Kelly Brook and Little Mix’s Jade Thirlwall. He also supports Chelsea. Josh lived in Dublin in Ireland for a few months.


At the bootcamp stage of the competition, Triple J sang American group Maroon 5’s hit which featured Christina Aguilera “Moves Like Jagger” while Shelley sang singer Labrinth’s song “Earthquake” while he competed against contestants Meg O’ Neill and Charlie Cammish. Shelley failed to make it to Judges’ Houses while Triple J were left to fight for the last place at Judges’ Houses against fellow boyband District3 who at this time were called GMD3. The two groups sung with District3 getting the final spot at Judges’ Houses. Triple J had sung Chris Brown’s Yeah 3x. Rough Copy were one of the bands to make it through to the Judges’ Houses stage but there was visa row so Rough Copy pulled out. Dreelan was contacted by producers of the show offering the group a return to the show if Shelley was put into the group. Everyone accepted and the group became Union J. Boyband Times Red who had also been let go at bootcamp were brought back for this stage of the competition too.  At Judges’ Houses Union J sang an acoustic version of the second biggest hit of last year behind Goyte’s “Somebody That I Used To Know “ Australian singer Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”. They made it to the live shows where they quickly became well liked by people on social media covering 46% of online chat to do with X Factor. The first theme was Olympic Games. (Probably because of London 2012). Their first performance on the show was Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now”. Freddie Mercury is a legend with an out of this world voice. It wasn’t really the right song for them and Louis Walsh admitted he picked the wrong song for them. However the loyal Jcats managed to keep them in the competition and actually well kept them in while they were at it! The group finished fourth in the public vote behind Powerhouse vocalist Christopher Maloney in first place followed by soulful singer Jahmene Douglas in second and power ballad singer Ella Henderson in third. I admire their strength in coming back so strongly the next week after the first performance. There is so many boybands who would have completely fell apart after the first performance but they showed early on that they were four very determined, ambitious lads who were up to the challenge of getting better and better as a band and showing everyone what they could do.


And in their second performance they did just that. Their second performance was for the Love & Heartbreak theme and they sang a mash-up (How very Glee of them? I love it!) of Leona Lewis’ “Bleeding Love” and James Morrison’s (One of my favourite singers) and Nelly Futado’s “Broken Strings”. They sung it absolutely beautifully and progressed to the next stage in seventh place. The third week was Club Classics week and the group sang “When Love Takes Over” by Kelly Rowland. Again it was a brilliant performance and they made it through placing eighth in the public vote. The fourth week’s theme was “Halloween” and though they performed Beyonce’s “Sweet Dreams” very well they ended up in the bottom two with solo singer Jade Ellis. Walsh, Scherzinger and Barlow opted to save them. It was later revealed that they were ahead of Ellis in the public vote. In week 4 they sang Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” for the theme of “Number-Ones”. Another great performance and this week they made it through the public vote placing fourth. In week 5 for the “Best of British” theme they sang a song I love by a band I love Coldplay’s “Fix You” and they performed it incredibly but sadly found themselves in the bottom two again. This time it was probably like déjà vu for them as they were up against District3. It was very obvious in their performance how much they wanted it and the passion that was there. This time they were saved by Scherzinger and Barlow. Walsh who mentored both bands didn’t vote. Tulisa said she would have opted to save District3. It was later revealed that Union J had been ahead in the public vote.


In week 6 they reprised Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” for the theme of “Guilty Pleasures”. This time in a faster version for Saturday Night Television. I always love this theme on X Factor because I’m a complete nerd and I have numerous guilty pleasures. (Jedward, Adam Lambert, Diva Fever, Glee, Bros, Chesney Hawkes, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, The MacDonald Brothers,Alphabeat, V, Westlife, Steps, S Club 7, Phil Collins, musical theatre, Dream Bears, Eurovision, 80s’ music, Wham and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, there is so many more!) The lads performed the song brilliantly and made it through the public vote in fourth place. The next week was ABBA week (Oh there’s another guilty pleasure! Everyone now, “Gimme, Gimme, Gimme a man after midnight …”) and the boys chose one of the hardest ABBA songs to sing in “The Winner Takes It All” but they sang it very well. I love Motown music and that was the second theme that night as the acts all sang two songs. For this theme the lads chose to sing “I’ll Be There” by The Jacksons and they sang it really well. Sadly this was their third time in the bottom two with the very entertaining Rylan Clark. They were saved by Walsh, Tulisa and Barlow. Again it was later revealed that they had been ahead of Clark in the public vote. The next week was the semi final and the group chose to sing Labrinth’s and Emile Sande’s “Beneath Your Beautiful” and it was my favourite performance of theirs along with Coldplay’s “Fix You” and their save song from the same week “Set Fire to the Rain” by Adele. (I don’t bring luck to people do I?!) The theme had been Free Choice/Someone Special. For the second theme Free Choice/Song to get to the final they sang “I’m Already There” by Lonestar. Again they sang the song very well. Sadly this was the end of their X Factor journey as they ended up fourth in the competition. They sang “Love Story” again after the result. It was later reported that they missed out on getting to the final by 0.6 % of the vote behind Christopher Maloney. I found this sad because they were the two acts I liked the best. It was also reported after that the band’s winning single would have been a cover of American singer and US X Factor judge Demi Lovato’s “Skyscraper”.


Post X Factor Union J have been signed to Sony Music Entertainment. On the subsidary label RCA Records. They also performed on The X Factor tour which I was at in Ireland and it was brilliant. They released their first single Carry You written by Steve Mac and Claude Kelly in June 2013. It entered the charts at number 12 in Ireland, no. 4 in Scotland and no. 6 in the UK. Their second single is Beautiful Life written by Nathan Sykes from The Wanted. They have helped The Poppy Appeal and were one of the acts to launch Children in Need this year. They won the We Love Pop Best newcomer for 2013 and placed third in the Popdust Next Pop Superstar of 2013. They were also in the top 20 of the MTV Hottest. Their first tour is called the “Magazines and TV Screens” tour. There is 18 dates on the tour which will happen from December 2013 – January 2014 and their album is due out on October 21st.