Strictly Kosher Review!


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Jack Aizenberg In Strictly Kosher


Strictly Kosher (2011) is a wonderfully intriguing documentary about Jewish religion and culture directed by Chris Malone.


Set in Manchester the documentary follows three Jewish people and presents their varying different feelings about their religion and the effect it has on their lives. We meet Joel Lever who is flamboyant and full of energy and fun. He owns a boutique where many women come for outfits for weddings and a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah. We also meet Bernette Clarke who makes gorgeous traditional Kosher meals for her family and she also has a love of wigs which I can completely relate to girl!


But my heart was stolen by Jack Aizenberg who spoke about living through the Holocaust and at one point showed a Nazi flag and spoke about the fear Jewish people felt in the time of Hitler when they would see that flag. He seems such a beautifully kind-hearted man and very compassionate. There was a warmth that came through from him which I really liked. A gentleman.


I love how this documentary gave Jewish life, religion and culture a representation that people who are Jewish unfortunately don’t always get on TV. Many myths were thankfully debunked and the documentary had a perfect mix of light-heartedness and truth about the prejudice Jewish people have faced and still face.


There is a few things which were a bit dodgy like genital mutilation, the whole only marrying someone of the same faith and the separation of males and females at wedding receptions and no space set up at all for non-binary people who presumably would have to dance one side or the other but I know there is many Jewish people who don’t believe in any of these things either. Aside from those three eye-raising issues, the Jewish religion is a really beautiful religion with wonderful family values and a very peaceful openness and kindness which was really gorgeous to see come alive in this documentary.


A must-watch.


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