Beach Road By James Patterson With Peter De Jonge Review!

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Beach Road (2006) by James Patterson with Peter De Jonge is an incredibly interesting story with a fantastic twist in the tale ending.


The story is mostly told from the point of view of the protagonist Tom Dunleavy. The setting is East Hampton where it is summer and East Hampton is the summer choice of home for stars of Hollywood and billionaires. Tom is a lawyer and he represents Dante Halleyville when he is took in for the murder of three people. Enter Kate Costello who is a fellow lawyer and Tom’s former girlfriend. Together Tom and Kate must work to prove Dante’s innocence. While all this is happening, Tom secretly wishes to rekindle his relationship with Kate.

Much kudos must go to Patterson and De Jonge for an unputdownable book. Snappy chapters filled with information push the story forward with glorious ease. The dialogue is authentic and the pace of the book is excellent. A really great book. Very interesting. Very engaging and stunningly written with a great array of diverse characters. I loved it.

There is a really excellent twist in this book which I did not see coming at all. I won’t spoil anything for you all but the amazing writing throughout is not let down by the ending.

An excellent read.


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