Run For Your Life By James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge Review!

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Run For Your Life (2009) by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge is an enthralling book in the Michael Bennett series.

This page-turner follows Michael Bennett as he tries to track down the mysterious killer known by the name The Teacher. New York is in chaos as The Teacher seemingly is killing people at random and Bennett must try to piece the pieces together to find out whether these murders are indeed random as suggested or if buried deep, there is a link to be found. This book has 98 chapters with three chapters in the prologue and they seem to fly by as you join Bennett on the case of solving the murders. Snappy chapters filled with pace and drama keep you reading and reading …


Another element of these books which is wonderful apart from the mystery is Bennett’s love for his family. His wife died and he is minding a whole bunch of their children himself. Well with the help of Mary Catherine, their nanny. There seems to be chemistry between Mary Catherine and Michael so I think they may get together in future books. I also like the fact that all the children are adopted. I don’t think there is enough about families where people are adopted in stories and when there is, it isn’t always dealt with right. It always seems to be that terrible line of “real family” about their birth family but in this book Patterson and Ledwidge show a family of adopted children who are loved and cared for by their father with the same level of warmth and heart that a birth father is often depicted as feeling for his children so I thought that was lovely. And if either way, that ain’t real family, I don’t know what is.


A splendid read filled with mystery and human feelings. Absolutely gripping.

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The Quickie By James Patterson And Michael Ledwidge Review!

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The Quickie (2007) by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge is a wonderful and engrossing read.


Following the story of protagonist cop Lauren Stillwell, we as readers get to know her very well in both her personal and professional life. After seeing her husband Paul with a blonde woman who she thinks he might be cheating on her with she embarks on revenge by having her own affair with fellow cop Scott. But their night of passion soon turns into a nightmare when she witnesses Paul and Scott fighting before Paul puts an unconscious Scott into the boot of his car. When Scott’s body is found later Lauren is left in the unenviable position of having to go against her instincts as a person and a cop to protect her husband and their future together.


I loved the drama of this book. It was a read that kept me turning the page. The plot I found very intriguing. Instead of a cop on a case trying to find the truth, Lauren was a cop on a mission to stop the truth from coming out and you really feel the pressure she must be under throughout. I also found it really interesting reading about the human element of Lauren and Paul trying to have a baby and Lauren’s pain and struggles to get pregnant. On the downside the outcome was predictable and I think it has been done before and I did feel that Lauren was being constantly given excuses for the things she did wrong like cheating. It would have made her more human for me if she had the affair for no reason other than she wanted to. While I loved the element of her covering for Paul which created a lot of suspense, some of it was slightly contrived as there was moments where she should have been caught out really.


Despite these downsides, I really enjoyed the book. The quick pace of the short chapters helped make it unputdownable and there was many twists and turns throughout. There was great pieces in this book about unconditional love, betrayal and finding strength under difficult circumstances. A very good read.


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