An Interview Planned!


Common Interview Questions - Charity Careers Ireland


I plan to do an interview on here and would love to know any questions you would all like to ask. If you would like to ask anything about my writing, my books, my writing process, etc … do drop a question below and I will be sure to include it in the upcoming interview! 🙂

My Fashion Interview on Soundcloud With My Sister Sharon Reynolds!

Sharon likes the Oriental style!

Sharon likes the Oriental style!

I posted part of my college interview with my very talented, interesting and wonderful sister Sharon about many things including her time as a Stock Operative, her love of style and what she thinks of the fashion industry.

We had great fun doing it and she is such an interesting person who I have learned so much from over the years. I know I’m bias but it’s true! She’s the best sister anyone could ever ask for.

Check out the interview here and let me know what you think if you have time:

Thanks! 🙂