Innuendo By Queen Review!

Listening to Innuendo by Queen (1991) is sad for any Queen fan because you know that Freddie Mercury was near the end of his life at the time. Up to the end Mercury displayed his vocals to supreme effect leaving us all inspired and in awe as he did through all his music with Queen and indeed in his solo career as well. Innuendo is a strong album flowing from thundering rock classics into emotive rock pieces with ease. Let’s take a look at each track in detail:


The title track on the album opens proceedings. It has this dramatic intro which starts the album in good style. This song is theatrical rock at it’s finest mixed in with a gospel feel. There is a perfect mash-up of so many styles of music that normally wouldn’t go together or that most bands wouldn’t dare put together. That’s something you have got to love about Queen. Their fearless attitude. The build-up of the music throughout is also spot-on.

I’m Going Slightly Mad

This song by Queen is quirky and fun with a very catchy chorus. I was singing along to it once with my earphones in and my mum asked my sister what I was singing. I think she thought I’d lost it or something. My sister had to explain it was the song! 🙂


This is a thundering, powerful rock song that has that whole movie soundtrack feel. It has an 1980s’ feel to it and is constructed brilliantly. The guitar is amazing in it. It thunders headlong into your ears and through to your brain!

I Can’t Live With You

I Can’t Live With You is a very catchy, understated tune which is constructed with simplitic beauty.

Don’t Try So Hard

This is a beautiful song and is one of my favourite songs from Innuendo. It just has this beautiful story and lyrics which are inspiring and comforting. What I take from it is that you don’t need to be who other people think you should be or achieve what they think you should achieve. That all you need to do is try your best.

Ride The Wild Wind

Like Headlong, Ride The Wild Wind is a classic thundering rock song that has you headbanging along in an instant. Brimming with attitude.

All God’s People

This has a gospel feel to it. You almost feel like you are in a Church in America. Freddie Mercury was a fantastic rock singer but he was a great singer full-stop. He could sing anything. Gospel, soul, opera … there is a lot of different styles which run through any Queen record and Mercury sang all these styles with effortless ease.

These Are The Days Of Our Lives

It is difficult to listen to this song without thinking of the video for the song. I find that anyway. Every time I hear it I feel quite emotional. This is understated and beautiful and a stunningly written portrait of life. The guitar solo is beautiful and Mercury’s voice has a very storyteller-esque quality to it.


This is quite a quirky, romantic song. The thing that always makes me smile in this song is the cat sounds! I love them! 🙂

The Hitman

At first I thought this song was called The Hippie. That aside, The Hitman is thundering and full of power. There is a fantastic guitar solo in this song and the flow of the song completely works. Been a hippie of course I would have preferred it to have been called The Hippie but it might not have been rock ‘n’ roll enough. One can’t have everything in life I suppose!


This is mainly an instrumental song except for a short part of Freddie singing. It has a very unique, stunning intro and has quite a haunting quality. Beautifully done.

The Show Must Go On

Dramatic and theatrical the closing track has a beautiful flow to it from tempo to tempo. It is very emotive and a great song to build up the ‘ole self-esteem. Stunning, strong and powerful.