Towie’s Harry Derbidge Speaks Out About Anorexia!

Recently I read about The Only Way Is Essex star Harry Derbidge talk about his struggles in his battle with anorexia. It didn’t surprise me because I went through a mild version of anorexia myself and when you do you tend to see the possible signs even though you are only reading about a person in the press. I think he is incredibly brave to talk about it, especially been so young. It’s a major issue to put yourself out there and talk about after all.

Derbidge (20) told Now Magazine,

“I’ve suffered with an eating disorder from a very young age. I was probably anorexic and didn’t know it. That’s how bad it was. I was always OCD about my food. I was so fussy, I couldn’t stand how it looked or smelt. My poor mum had to separate the food at dinner time – she put chips on one plate and the peas on another. I remember gagging, like I was doing a bushtucker trial.”

He says that he realised at 14 that he “had a problem with food.” and says that his mother Karen sent him to a doctor because she was so worried. There the doctor weighed Harry. His weight was 7 and a half stone.

“An average boy should be around 10-12st and I’m 5ft 10in. My chest was just bone.”, Harry said.

He admitted that at this time he “used to cry himself to sleep, just cry and cry and cry. I was very ill. I’d have hunger pains but I used to work through them.”

Speaking about how long he has went without food Harry admitted,

“I once went two days without food.”

He also admitted,

“I’d eat my dinners but whatever I didn’t like the smell or taste of I’d hide behind my tongue. During the meal I’d say I wasn’t feeling well and needed the toilet. I’d throw it all down the toilet from behind my tongue, especially meat, like steak or lamb.”

The reality TV star admitted that he always hated how he looked saying,

“I’ve always hated my look – gaunt and skinny. I remember crying when I looked in the mirror.”

And admitted that it affected his self-esteem,

“I didn’t like myself at the time. Everyone was talking about my weight issues and people made jokes about me. It was so hurtful. I had people saying: ‘Ooh, you gay boy, you skinny twerp.’ But it made me stronger.”

Asked whether it affected his relationships he replied,

“I’m not desperate to have a relationship. At 18 or 19 I remember panicking about even walking into a club as I wasn’t sure of myself. It was so hard.”

He told how he went to a doctor a year and a half ago who weighed him and told him that he was near anorexia. The doctor told him that if he didn’t do something about it he would end up in a clinic.

“That was the moment I was lowest of the low, being told that I might have to be force-fed through a tube.”

Family and friends have been a huge source of support for Harry during this difficult time,

“Amy’s always been there for me. She’s so supportive. And my mum’s the best. I don’t think I would’ve recovered without support from my family. The only people who knew about it were my best friends Sam Faiers, Amy and my mum. I remember going to dinner and they’d help me through it and not try to push me. I’ve been lucky.”

Talking about why he decided to talk to Now about what he had and was going through Harry said,

“Because I feel better for it. If I can help one person, that means a lot. Also you don’t really hear of a male anorexic-it’s very rare. Boys generally love their food.”

Speaking about whether his ex boyfriend fellow The Only Way Is Essex star Bobby Cole Norris knew about what he was going through Harry said,

“He didn’t really know about it. He met me while I was recovering.”

The former couple broke up recently after Bobby found out that Harry had cheated on him with his ex but Harry says,

“I’m single at the moment. We’re not together but we both love each other. What will be will be.”

Harry says that he is now “much better but it’s a long process” and said that he hopes people with an eating disorder will “get help immediately-go to your doctor.”

For help and information go to to:

Eating Disorders Charity Beat: or call 0845 6341414

Bobby Cole Norris’ The Sirius Collection In Aid Of Hopefield Animal Sanctuary!

I’ve always liked The Only Way is Essex star Bobby Cole Norris. He seems really down-to -earth and interesting. But he has gone up even further in my estimation since I read that his collection of nine unisex t-shirts and the famous Schlong Thongs which there is five of that he and ex-boyfriend fellow Towie star Harry Derbidge wore in Marbella recently entitled, the Sirius Collection supported the Hopefield Animal Sanctuary in Brentwood. I love animals. I always have and I love seeing any help they get towards their welfare and with Bobby’s profile it is sure to help the charity a lot.


Bobby and Harry wearing the Schlong Thong in Marbella.

Bobby said:

“My first line with the Sirius Collection comes from a passion to create really cool and design led pieces that appeal to everyone of all ages. I have been hands on in developing the idea, working with the animal sanctuary and leading the designers. I feel proud to have developed a range that reflects my style and ensures the wearer ‘shines’ standing out from a crowd when wearing them!”

Hopefield Animal Sanctuary offered some of its animals to model the collection when Bobby went in search of a BFF for his adorable terrier Beau, who inspired the collection in the first place. The cutest little thing. Love him.

Hopefileld Managers, David Schlaich and Lianne Angliss said:

“We are so happy to have Bobby on board helping the sanctuary in such a fun way. As a huge animal lover, Bobby is a great advocator for us, and the animals loved modelling for him”.


Bobby wearing the "Flawless" t-shirt from the collection.

Bobby wearing the “Flawless” t-shirt from the collection.

Bobby wearing the Beau t-shirt.

Bobby wearing the Beau t-shirt.

Sirius means two things in conjunction with the collection as Sirius means the brightest star in the night sky and Bobby wanted to create a collection which could help the wearer stand out in the crowd and the word also means the “Dog Star”.

The Schlong Thongs come in black, white, camo, purple and fuchsia while the t-shirts include many features that represent the charities cause such as a pug wearing glasses and a dickie bow with the words #Pash4Fash below the little pet, a pig in a photoframe wearing sunglasses looking all urban with the words I Woke Up Like This! underneath, the adorable little Yorkshire terrier Beau printed all over one t-shirt, two colourful parrot prints tops and a reptile picture on another top while there was also crown, banana and zebra print tops.

I really like the collection. It’s very unique. You get sick of the same thing been created over and over and again but this collection is a breath of fresh air and the animals are adorable. Been someone who loves animals, I couldn’t stop awwwing at the tops.


The collection will be sold online in aid of the charity which for more than thirty years has been rescuing abused, abandoned and neglected animals. The sanctuary looks after more than 300 animals like dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, cows, pigs, reptiles and many more and is funded completely by donations from the public.


The collection will help Hopefield Animal Sanctuary in Essex.

The collection will help Hopefield Animal Sanctuary in Essex.

For more information about Hopefield, please visit


The collection is available from for £25 each, with £1.50 of each top sold going to Hopefield Animal Sanctuary.