5 Videos To Watch This Week!

It is that time of week again y’all! 🙂 Here are five picks to watch this week! 🙂




In this episode of Geographics, the history of The Cecil Hotel is investigated where many tragic incidents have happened over the years. A very interesting episode. I had heard a bit about the horrific history of The Cecil Hotel prior to watching the episode but learned so much more here.




I love 60s fashion. It is one of my favourite decades from fashion history so this video was great.



In this episode of Out Of The Closet, RuPaul’s Drag Race runner-up Peppermint (highest placed female contestant in Drag Race herstory, you go girl! :-)) shows us some of her amazing fashion. A really interesting watch which looks at both looks from her run on Drag Race and outside of the show.




I found this really interesting. I have long hair and often I tie it up in a ponytail but I don’t really think about the history of the various ponytail styles so this was really interesting to get to see how the ponytail has transformed throughout the decades.




I absolutely love this song by Sara Bareilles. It comes from the musical Waitress. I can relate a lot to the lyrics of this song. And the video is beautifully done too.



The Incredible Style of Brian Molko!

Placebo’s Brian Molko is a stunning looking man. One of the most beautiful men I’ve ever seen if I’m been honest so he could probably wear a bin bag and look amazing if I’ve been completely honest. But he has got incredible style. With a perfect combination of androgyny, rock and gothic styles, Brian Molko manages to rock up the fashion stakes as well as the rock world so let’s take a look at some of his best looks throughout the years:


Make-Up & Hair