Poem: R.I.P Dad

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My Father’s name was Brian,

he was always very dapper,

I remember him wiping down his clothes


the smell of his hair products

in his slicked back grey hair,

the black leather shoes he regularly wore

and just all round always looking a picture.


My Father had Dublin humour

which of course means he was hilarious,

he could crack a joke at the drop of a hat,

always quick with a one-liner,

his wittiness knew no end.


My Dad always said no one is above

or below you,

my Dad always believed I could do

anything I set my mind,

I never felt less

due to my working-class roots,

he made sure of that.


My Father was kind,

his heart was huge,

he fought for his rights,

he was gentle,

people found him a gentleman

and he was.


I love you Dad,

I miss you,

I think about you all the time,

you will always be with me,

Happy Father’s Day,

lots of love and kisses.

Short Story: Father’s Day Remembrance

It is Father’s Day today so I have decided to write a short story entitled Father’s Day Remembrance. Hope you like it.

Happy Father’s Day to my own Dad up in heaven. Love you Dad. And happy Father’s Day to all the Fathers out there. 🙂


Kerry sat on the sofa. She looked upwards and began to talk to her father.

“Dad, so Father’s Day has rolled around again. Did you see the flowers and card we brought up to your grave?”

She was talking about the flowers and card she, her mother and her sister had brought up to his grave when they had been down to visit his grave. They now lived in a different town but regularly went down to see him.

“How’s heaven today? Any characters? We’re good. We’re watching the football and Big Brother later. I’m sure if there’s a telly up there you’re watching the former and won’t be watching the latter. Although one of your fellow Dubs Hughie is in it so I’m sure you’d like him in it.”

She remembered the times they had together, how he loved when their dog brought the lead over in his mouth for him to bring him for a walk, how his mother never got her father’s jokes, how he had always been so encouraging of she and her sister’s futures, how he always loved Italy in the football tournaments and supported Wolves. She remembered him watching the Elvis Presley comeback concert and how she knew it annoyed him that her favourite Elvis track was his cover of Peggy Lee’s Fever as opposed to an original Elvis track. And how he also loved the Rolling Stones. How he loved to sing David Essex’s A Winter’s Tale and had a really good voice.

“Love you Dad. Happy Father’s Day. Talk to you soon.”, she said and blew a kiss up to him.