Daniel Craig: The Biography By Sarah Marshall Review!

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Daniel Craig: The Biography (2007) by Sarah Marshall is an interesting read about the James Bond actor.


This is wonderfully intriguing into Daniel both as a person and as an actor. It is written in a very light and engrossing way like a long series of articles and shows that Daniel is very easy to like and very down-to-earth. He is a very private person and not into the whole celebrity circuit, very much a working actor who treats it simply as a job and that is very admirable. He definitely doesn’t seem to let the fame game go to his head. This book goes from his early days in London trying to make it in acting up to his massive success as James Bond in the movie franchise.


We also get to read about his support of Arthouse projects and it’s nice to see someone in his position not forgetting his roots. The book also speaks about his marriage to Fiona Loudon, from 1992-1994, who he has a daughter Ella with, and his relationships with Kate Moss and Sienna Miller.


There might not be too much in this book that is new news to a fan of Daniel’s but it is a great introduction for anyone wishing to learn more about the actor. It is also a nice trip down memory lane for fans. It is a very entertaining read which is a page-turner and makes the reader like Daniel even more. He comes across as a very ordinary man who worked hard and deserves all the luck and success he gets.
An incredibly interesting read.


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Top Seven Highlights From Comic Relief 2015!

A brilliant night of comedy and most importantly charity fundraising. The annual Comic Relief extravaganza, which was started by comedian Lenny Henry and comedy writer Richard Curtis in 1985, had another wonderful night filled with music and sketches and lots of fun. Let’s take a look at seven highlights from this important, prestigious night:

Sam Smith & John Legend’s Performance and Music Video

The two of these artists have such incredible, powerful and emotive voices and they sound amazing on the official Comic Relief song for 2015 Lay Me Down, a duet of Sam’s song.

National Treasure Sketch

Staring Stephen Fry, Sheridan Smith and Miranda Hart as the judges of who should be added as a national treasure and starring stars such as David Walliams, David Gandy, Cheryl Cole, Russell Brand, Robbie Williams and Liam Gallagher who eventually was the new national treasure as well as Ronnie Corbert this sketch was so funny. Really well-written and very imaginative. Loved it.

James Bond Sketch

Starring stars such as Ben Whishaw, Alan Carr, Daniel Craig and Naomi Watts, the Bond Sketch was full of humour.

David Walliams’ Kissathon & His & Davina McCaul’s Smooching Session With Orlando Bloom

David Walliams broke the kissathon World Record. Also David & Davina McCaul kissed Orlando Bloom who made a surprise appearance as well.

Little Britain Sketch

Stephen Hawking and Catherine Tate joined David Walliams for this year’s Little Britain sketch. The graphics, one word: Amazing! This sketch was very original and fab.

Cassidy & Natalie Win The People’s Strictly

Cassidy Little is so amazing and he and Natalie Lowe danced this Paso to perfection. Well-deserved win.

Victoria Wood Wins Comic Relief’s Bake-Off

Beating off competition from the other finalists Gok Wan, Jennifer Saunders and Michael Sheen, Victoria Wood took the honours in the Comic Relief’s Bake-Off.

Currently £78,082,988 has been raised in funds.

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Skyfall Film Review!

Skyfall is very good!

Ben Whishaw as always is fabulous!

Skyfall is brilliant! The cast is incredible which includes Daniel Craig as James Bond, Ben Whishaw as the young Q, Javier Bardem as Silva, Judi Dench as M, Naomie Harris as Eve, Ralph Fiennes as Gareth Mallory, Rory Kinnear as Tanner, Berenice Marlohe as Severine, Albert Finney as Kincade and Ola Rapace as Patrice.

Daniel Craig is amazing as James Bond. He’s very natural in the role and is definitely up there as one of the best Bonds of all-time. Actually my three favourite Bonds would be him, Sean Connery and Roger Moore.

My favourite character is Q. Whishaw plays him perfectly with humour and nerdiness. I always loved the older Q the best in the older Bond films so I was looking forward to seeing how Ben, who is one of my favourite actors, would protray the younger Q and he did so perfectly.

But the cast as a unit ensured that the film was amazing. Each of them are very natural, talented actors and actresses so it made it very realistic.

And the writing was great. Though I liked the old Bonds I prefer the newer ones. There is more of a storyline to them and I’m a person who values story and character above all else with a film so I enjoy them more so credit must go to Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and John Logan for bringing Ian Fleming’s world to life so well.

Almost all of Q’s lines are lines I love so there’d be too many to list but as well as the fabulous Q’s amazing one-liners I also liked the man at the train station’s line about Bond been eager to get on the train when he jumped and onto the back of the train, “ and also when Bond says to his old innkeeper when he meets him about him still been alive.

The song Skyfall by Adele is also so amazing and the way they fit it in at the beginning with the story and the graphics is perfect so credit must go to  Danny Kleinman who did an amazing job.

Another fantastic element to the story is the three strong females. Traditionally in Bond films the females are usually just there to look pretty and show what a big man Bond is but in this film the three women are strong in their own ways with M running the show, Eve been Bond’s accomplice for part of the film and Severine been scared but remaining strong despite her fear of Silva.

It was a fantastic film directed by Sam Mendes bringing Bond wonderfully up-to-date while still retaining the essence of the old Bond films and perfect for celebrating the 50th Bond.