Daniel Craig: The Biography By Sarah Marshall Review!

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Daniel Craig: The Biography (2007) by Sarah Marshall is an interesting read about the James Bond actor.


This is wonderfully intriguing into Daniel both as a person and as an actor. It is written in a very light and engrossing way like a long series of articles and shows that Daniel is very easy to like and very down-to-earth. He is a very private person and not into the whole celebrity circuit, very much a working actor who treats it simply as a job and that is very admirable. He definitely doesn’t seem to let the fame game go to his head. This book goes from his early days in London trying to make it in acting up to his massive success as James Bond in the movie franchise.


We also get to read about his support of Arthouse projects and it’s nice to see someone in his position not forgetting his roots. The book also speaks about his marriage to Fiona Loudon, from 1992-1994, who he has a daughter Ella with, and his relationships with Kate Moss and Sienna Miller.


There might not be too much in this book that is new news to a fan of Daniel’s but it is a great introduction for anyone wishing to learn more about the actor. It is also a nice trip down memory lane for fans. It is a very entertaining read which is a page-turner and makes the reader like Daniel even more. He comes across as a very ordinary man who worked hard and deserves all the luck and success he gets.
An incredibly interesting read.


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