Viscount Temptation By Olivia Helling Review!

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Viscount Temptation (2015) by Olivia Helling is the third book in the wonderful Damon Snow series.

Once again, the story is told from the POV of Damon and this book shows a more vulnerable side to Damon which is made even more emotional by the fact it is told from his point of view. Damon is in love with Byrne who is dying. They have a mentor/protégé relationship too. He wants to love, wants to be loved but he is in denial that it exists. Or more to the point, he doesn’t want to believe it does. He’s insecure but not letting that side out. As a reader, you find yourself frustrated because you care and in the best possible sense you’re hoping he gets it together soon. You also hope that when he does open up more about this aspect that he isn’t shot down and hurt. Obviously much of this denial comes from the fact that he is in love with Byrne and he would much rather believe love didn’t exist than to love Byrne and then lose him. Unfortunately for Damon’s heart, he can’t stop the involuntary feelings of love for Byrne despite all the walls he is putting up.

Damon’s birthday is coming up and he hopes to spend it with Byrne. But Byrne is pushing him away day by day. There seems for much of book to be things they should both be communicating to each other but their communications are guarded because they don’t want to hurt each other or bring up the deep feelings they both have for each other. It’s sad and heartfelt all at once. Very intense. Byrne sets Damon the challenge of coming onto and succeeding with Viscount Ashton. I think he is trying to get Damon to feel more open in his feelings and to distract him from feelings about him. It might not be the most conventional way to go about it but I think that’s what he was doing.

As Damon gets to know Ashton, there does seem to be a bit of a spark between them and there is some very sexy encounters. But ultimately his heart is with Byrne. However he is offered a job as valet and strongly considers it. Ashton says he can’t see Byrne again if he accepts the job and Damon is torn especially since Byrne is getting more and more cold to Damon’s affections every day.

Meanwhile Rogers is still in love with Damon but is still in the friend zone and that looks to be where he will remain. Unrequited love is hard but I found myself thinking that he needs to take a hint at some stage that the ship has sailed and realise that there is someone out there for him but he just isn’t Damon. I’m very fond of Rogers though. He makes me laugh with his wit.

Viscount Ashton is a dangerous sociopath. He is charming and ruthless and I wouldn’t like to meet him on a dark night. But he brings a lot to the plot and he is written so well that you could understand Damon being a bit took in by him and charmed by him. Helling has written here another excellent book in the series. It is a bit heavier than the previous two books in the series but really gives a great insight into the maturing relationship of Damon and Byrne at a crucial point in their romance.

This series is fantastic. And book 3 hasn’t let me down. I look forward to reading book 4!

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