His Reality By Dakota Matos Review!

His Reality: Revised Edition

His Reality (2019) by Dakota Matos is a good read.

The plot follows the story of protagonist Michael who is in high school and his prom is coming up. But he is having some visions lately which he isn’t sure are real or not.

I think the plot is very good and interesting. Domestic abuse is highlighted in the book and I think that was a very important issue to bring into the book. Highlighting that toxicity was something I appreciated very much. I also liked the characters of Samantha and Crasco. They seemed cool. I liked the way the plot changed because it was interesting and different but I did get a bit confused through that about what was happening especially towards the end.

I liked the book but I didn’t really like Michael and James to be honest and a lot of the book is about Michael and James and their stories and reactions to things so that made it less interesting for me. That’s of course subjective so other readers might like them and might find the read more enjoyable but all in all, a good read.

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