The Garth Brooks Saga!

I feel terrible for the residents living in the Croke Park area with this whole Garth Brooks saga. There clearly wasn’t permission for five concerts and tickets were sold for two concerts that there wasn’t permission for. This is a rights issue. The rights of the little people like myself. A small group of people up against some government pressure, businesses looking for the money which will come if the event is staged and Garth Brooks and the promotion staff hoping that the laws which are there will be overridden for him to play the five shows.

Yes there is a big windfall coming into the country if the concerts go ahead but I don’t really care. I don’t believe in selling out on the people like myself simply because I don’t live in the area for any windfall.

Of course I feel sorry for the people who were looking forward to the night out but I don’t believe in walking over peoples’ rights. If these concerts are all granted where will it end? Will big stars get ten nights in a row next?

I do feel that our reputation has been tarnished a bit in the concert realm. But it isn’t the residents I blame for that. The rules were clearly in place before the tickets were sold and them two shows should never have been sold. Hopes of many Garth Brooks fans should not have been raised when the planning permission wasn’t there for the two shows.


James Byron Goes To The Courtney Love Concert In Nottingham Rock City!

James Byron has shared pics on his Twitter and Facebook pages from the Courtney Love gig in Nottingham Rock City with Micko and Shawn from Courtney’s band. Micko’s actually quite easy on the eye. I think I might be in love! Hehe! 🙂

It is Love’s first UK tour since her former band Hole’s 2010 tour and the tour comprises of eight tour dates in Nottingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Birmingham, Bristol and two shows in London.

He sported a fab Courtney/Hole t-shirt, black trousers with white stripes and with his trademark blonde hair back for the concert.

Check out the pics here:



Union J Close Their First Tour In Dublin’s 02!

Those Union J men put on a show in Dublin!

Those Union J men put on a show in Dublin!

Last night I went to the Union J gig in Dublin’s 02. It was the last of their gigs on their first ever tour and my was it a good night! 

The show opened with an electrifying version of Where Are You Now followed by an edgy version of Beethoven.

The four strappingly handsome men entertained also with a solo each on the night. The first of which was George dressed in all black attire and singing a mash-up of Katy Perry’s Roar and Wild Ones by Flo Rida ft. Sia. And of course he was brilliant! Before he performed, we seen video clips of him as a kid. Aw! This was an interesting concept of showing where they came from and where they are now and was carried through to all the solos. The solos were spaced out throughout the show.

The second of which was Jaymi’s solo where he belted out his idol Beyonce’s Listen to perfection whilst clad in all black as well which included a sparkley jacket. In Jaymi’s VT beforehand we seen him as a kid playing the artful dodger with another kid who was Oliver. Aw! We also seen him when he was a lot older auditioning for The X Factor with a previous band (Interesting because I didn’t see it before), performing at Maspalomas Pride in 2010 and 2012 and singing Listen with a female singer. (3 vids which I have watched so often on good old YouTube!)

The third solo was JJ also dressed all in black who delighted the crowd present with his version of Counting Stars by OneRepublic. He was amazing and he was so happy after that he did a jump and a little kick and Jaymi then imitated him doing so light-heartedly and joked that he was like Michael Flatley. In JJ’s VT there was a number of aw moments between himself as a baby and a wee one and his baby son Princeton who looks the spitting image of what JJ looked like as a baby. We also got to see JJ win two races while he was a jockey. I knew he had been but I didn’t know whether he won or not. He was really good from what I saw in the clips.

The final solo was Josh who sang Beneath Your Beautiful by Labrinth featuring Emeli Sandé which the group performed in the semi-final of The X Factor. He sang it brilliant dressed in a white jacket and otherwise black attire. In Josh’s VT we seen him as a kid playing football. Aw! And a bit older dancing.

Another highlight of the show was the medley of Taylor Swift songs which included moments from The X Factor and Louis Walsh popping up from judges’ houses to tell them they were in and they mimicked their own reaction which was very funny and George pretended to fall to the ground. Jaymi prefaced their medley of Swift songs by speaking about how big a turning point singing her song Love Story on the show had been and that Swift herself had told them that she liked their version of her hit song.

In a personal few moments Jaymi spoke about coming out and how much support he received and how he had got to help others by coming out. He then spoke about Olly and how that because of all the fans they would definitely be getting married by the end of the year. JJ then spoke about becoming a father. Both received cheers from the crowd. Josh then spoke about how he “wasn’t becoming a father, coming out yet or getting married”.

Amaze Me was another highlight and it was really sweet to see the seven fans been seranaded by the lads. I tried! Well I half screamed, half was far too shy to scream to be honest!

The Irish flag and teddy bears were been flung up on the stage. Jaymi wrapped one Irish flag around his waist while JJ tied another Irish flag to his microphone. Jaymi also received a rainbow flag which he wore on his trousers.

Save The Last Dance was another highlight with the boys going a bit crazy when the even faster music came in for the chorus. Fab!

Graphics were good all night. Particular highlights on this front were the TVs in Head In The Clouds where the lads stood behind these TV screens which hid their heads and on the screens their heads were in clouds and the choir for Last Goodbye.

The boys also sang their singles Carry You, Beautiful Life and Loving You Is Easy which was actually the encore and had everyone a bit in a frenzy in the front row after the lads jumped down right in font of them unexpectedly.

They sang every song off their album as Jaymi said they would at the beginning and it was quite an emotional evening for Josh and George as the tour came to a close. Both shed a tear. But also full of fun and joy with Jaymi and JJ dancing with each other and everyone congratulating each other on their own individual solos.

They usually take a selfie but as tonight was the last night they had a pic taken with the band instead with us all in the background and Jaymi doing his Beyonce pose. 🙂

So yeah, I got to see some of Jaymi’s tattoos in reality, went weak with his husky Luton voice (I love Luton men!) and he wore leather trousers and every outfit looked hot on him. He was as handsome in reality as he is on TV, if not more so. I apologise Olly Marmon, I think I might be a bit in love with your boyfriend! 🙂 I was sad not to get a glimpse of the gorgeous Olly at the show. I really wanted to. 😦

Support acts included Ollie Marland and Room 94.

It was a great night!