5 Videos To Watch This Week On YouTube!

Hi everyone! 🙂

Here is my five video suggestions for this week. With Christmas coming up this week, it is Christmas-themed. 🙂


From Biographics here is the story of the true and absolutely adorable saint who inspired the creation of Santa. Really interesting to hear the story and how the creation of Santa Claus has evolved over the years as well as some lovely Santa-related stories.


From Geographics we have lots of information about Rovaniemi in Finland and its connection to Santa Claus and Christmas. Again really, really interesting.


Here is a wonderful Christmas classic The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole. Absolutely gorgeous! 🙂

From a classic to a new release. Here is the new release Love This Christmas by Rick Astley. Very fun.


From 1963 here is The Judy Garland Christmas Show where she is at home with her family. Many guests feature and lots of Christmas songs are sung. Great show, very fun.

My New Book Xmas With The Fam Is Now Available On Amazon!



My new book Xmas With The Fam is now available to purchase on Amazon. As the title suggests it is a Christmas novella. For anyone who has read or heard about my previous book After The Fishing Trip, they may recognize the main character Mitch who was one of four main characters in that book too. Many other characters from After The Fishing Trip are in this book too.

This book follows Mitch’s story as he prepares to finish work for Christmas and have a wonderful Christmas with his husband Nate and their four children Jaime, Sasha, Finley and Piper. From making homemade ornaments and decortions with Nate to getting involved in a few social issues debates (because he wouldn’t be Mitch if he didn’t! :-)) and trying to find the perfect presents for his kids, the season is going to be eventful. Add in dogs, elves, snow globes, his bestie Vic lip syncing to Santa Baby at the drag benefit show, hot times with Nate and finding the father figure he always wished for.

I loved writing it. There was definitely moments which I did not believe I would get it out in time for Christmas but thankfully it has all worked out. It is also my twentieth book so I’m excited and chuffed about reaching that milestone in my writing career.

If you choose to purchase the book, thank you so much in advance and I hope you like it. 🙂

To purchase Xmas With The Fam go to:

I also put together a 14-song soundtrack on Spotify of all the Christmas songs which feature in the book and you can hear this at the following link:

Poem: Christmas, Oh, Christmas!

Image result for christmas shopping




Christmas, oh, Christmas!

The bells ring out,

the dinner is served,

old turkey and ham for the trads,

anything that suits for the mods

and Linda McCartney food for the vegs,

it’s the most wonderful time of the year

with those feet a runnin’

as those shops are a closin’

and everyone telling you

‘I was here first’.



But Christmas, oh, Christmas, really there’s something special

about the period: family, friends and all humanity

coming together to share

a common compassion,

maybe the last Rolo

and a dance to Jingle Bell Rock

but definitely not the last tin

from the 8-pack of Heineken.



Hope you all enjoyed my poem for Christmas. I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas time for 2018! 🙂