Three Line Tales Writing Prompt – Home For Christmas


three line tales, week 100: a ferris wheel in Paris with soldiers patrolling

photo by Manu Sanchez via Unsplash


It was Christmas and I was home from the army for the Christmas, rushing ahead of my mate from the army Jake to find my husband Greg and on the way I passed a straight couple. Jake was interested in the girl which I’d heard all about on the mission and I was tired out by it all. Seeing Greg in the distance I dropped my gun to the ground, took him in my arms, kissing him heaps, and he whispered in my ear, “Welcome home Adam. Merry Christmas.”


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One-Liner Wednesday – The Christmas Dog

#1linerWeds badge by Dan Antion


Tim, the stray terrier, could see Christmas in all those who passed him and then he put in his gift from one passer-by of a CD player and music and Christmas classics filled his ears, nice but he would have preferred food, still he felt he couldn’t be picky.


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For What Pegman Saw Writing Prompt – A Man For Christmas



A Man For Christmas


I needed a man!

I was getting on at the ancient age of 27. The struggles of life! Seeing my friends coupling up in marriages and cohabiting relationships. I probably didn’t want a man. I just needed one you know. Older peer pressure. I thought all this in my head.

I had been roped into bringing my niece to see Santa in the North Pole by my busy brother who said I wasn’t busy. One more thing to be self-conscious about. Still watching Santa giving her a present warmed my heart away from my thoughts. She ripped it open in glee and thanked Santa.

Santa’s shift ended. He handed me a piece of paper with his phone number on it. He pulled down his beard.
“But Santa’s not gay.”, I teased.
“In real life Santa’s very gay. I’m Dylan by the way.”
“Simon.”, I smiled.
I definitely wanted this man!


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What Pegman Saw: North Pole, Alaska



My Short Story Family Christmas Appears In Woman’s Way!


My short story Family Christmas appears in the latest issue of Woman’s Way here in Ireland. It is my 9th story to appear in the magazine but is my first seasonal story to appear. The illustrations as always that the magazine put with the story are wonderful and help bring the story to life on the page. It is one of two short stories to appear in the magazine this week. Winnie’s Burke’s wonderful short story Stranger Than Fiction is also in the issue and is a brilliant read.

I loved Lucy and Francis and their wonderful family with Holly and Cody. If you get a chance to read the story I hope you enjoy it. 🙂