My Verdict On The CBB Finalists!

So as Frank Sinatra might say, “Now the end is near …” and we have most certainly almost reached the final curtain of CBB 2015. So I have decided to give my final verdict on each of the finalists below. Enjoy!

Austin Armacost

My winner. He’s been nice, honest, real and really entertaining. All the ingredients you need in a CBB winner. Of course there’s been mistakes he’s made in there but haven’t they all made mistakes in there in one way or another? They are all human after all. At least he always owns up to what he’s done wrong and apologises. I also love seeing him doing the Yorkshire accent and I think he’s got a good sense of humour. Austin for the win! 🙂

Bobby Davro

I can’t really get past the comment he made to Farrah about been evil on the inside. I wouldn’t say that to my worse enemy. Aside from that I think he has been a bit boring in the show but on positive note the way he looked after Austin when he broke down was very caring and you could see his fatherly side which was a nice side to see.

James Hill

He might win but I don’t think he should. James might be a nice guy outside the house but I don’t think he’s quite as caring about everyone who he sees as “fragile” as he makes out. I do think he’s playing the Mr. Nice Guy role a bit too much but loyalty is a huge plus quality and I think voting for Austin when they hung around the most in the house together was wrong and what was worse about that was he couldn’t admit or possibly see that it was wrong. He can be a bit boring in it too.

Natasha Hamilton

Natasha is a bit boring in it in my opinion. I just don’t think she has done enough in there to win.

Sherrie Hewson

Like Natasha, Sherrie hasn’t really did enough to win but I will say in the last few episodes I think Sherrie has been coming more into her own and we’re beginning to hear her opinions and they mostly seem pretty on point to me. It’s a bit late in the game to come more into the show for her to win. Maybe if the series was longer it would be a different story.

Stevi Ritchie & Chloe-Jasmine Whichello

My runners-up. I like Stevi but as I said in a previous post I do like Chloe the best of them both. However the more you watch them the more you do get to like them more and more as a couple. Yes, it can be cringe-worthy tv at times but there is something very likable about them together.

My Four Favourites Currently In CBB!

Ah, so we lost Farrah tonight and I had got to like her so that was sad. I would have had to put my five favourites in here if she had stayed. But I’ll put a piece at the end about Farrah because she was one of the contestants who made the show this year. And also about Fatman Scoop who would have made it a favourite six. So who is my current four remaining faves. Read on to find out …

Austin Armacost

I was so pleased that Austin made the top 4 tonight because he totally deserved it. He’s entertaining, lovely and has a very strong personality. I loved that even when he put Farrah out instead of Jenna he did it in a gentlemanly way and said she was a lovely woman. I love his bromance with James too even though I’m not crazy about James in it. For me, he’s my winner and has been from the start of the show.

Jenna Jameson

I love Jenna’s strongness. She’s feisty and very honest and I love how she acted like a big sister to Farrah when so many of the house were ganging up on her. It was very brave and I love their friendship. She’s entertaining too.

Janice Dickinson

I find Janice amusing and entertaining. I like the way she’s acted like a mum to Chloe too. I like their friendship.

Chloe & Stevi

Stevi comes across as a nice man but the reason they are in my four faves is really because of Chloe. I like her kookiness and her quirky dress sense. I think she’s quite strong too apart from when her emotions get the better of her.

And two faves who have been evicted:

Farrah Abraham

Farrah is a sassy, strong lady who was very entertaining on the show. I don’t really get all the hate for her but I guess some people find strong people off-putting. I think like everyone in the house that there was things I disagreed with her on which is inevitable but overall I liked her and I’m sad she’s out.

Fatman Scoop

Fatman Scoop was very easy-going in the house and I thought he was very brave to stand by Farrah and Jenna. It showed a lot of strength in his character to stand by his friends even when it wasn’t popular to do so.

X Factor 2014 Ones To Watch!

So The X Factor is into it’s live shows stage and below I have put my top five ones to watch from the acts left in the competition this year!

Andrea Faustini

Oh my god his voice is just outstanding. Though there is some very good singers in the competition this year I think with the right marketing Italy’s Andrea is the only one who could be a worldwide star. You can see it. I’m no expert. It’s just obvious. He’s amazing. Seems so lovely too and he loves pugs. What more could you want?

First Audition

Paul Akister

Paul Akister is back and is sounding amazing. He seems really nice and his personality reminds me a bit of my own. I know he’s been advised to talk more and if he feels comfortable doing that so be it but I think he’s wonderful just as he is and for me anyway is coming across very well indeed!

First Audition

Ben Haenow

Ben seems really nice and is absolutely beautiful and his girlfriend is a very lucky woman! 🙂 Outside of that and back to the singing he is really a really strong singer and clearly very experienced with music. You know instantly that he’s used to doing gigs. I suppose here’s where taste kind of comes into it and while if I’m been honest I think Andrea is a better singer (because let’s face it, it’s really hard to be technically better than Andrea!) I’d be more inclined to buy a record by Ben just based on the fact that I love rock more than diva style pop music and excluding his first audition which was in the soul vein Ben has since been rocking out. I love his style too.

First Audition

Only The Young

They seem nice and Mikey is gorgeous. I like that although their a pop band essentially there is an edge to them that’s bordering on pop/rock. And I love the way they incorporate old songs into the mix unlike a lot of bands do which makes them stand out. I’m an old soul so I love a lot of old music so it’s really cool and their so talented and they gel so well together as a band. Again I love their style too.

First Audition

Chloe Jasmine

Chloe Jasmine has had a lot of negative reactions but I personally think she’s great. Outside of her been posh I can relate to a lot of her personality. It isn’t easy when you’re perceived as different to always be yourself and I think it is incredibly brave of her to go on the show and do that. I think she comes across really nice and I love her style too. I think she has an incredible voice. I think it’s very distinctive although I prefer her singing classic songs than more modern tunes and I think she could have a great career with that kind of music.

First Audition

Who is your favourite act this year? Comment below with your thoughts! 🙂