Lady Gaga Speaks About Her Love For Taylor Kinney!

Lady Gaga gets a piggybank from her handsome hunk Taylor Kinney!

I love Lady Gaga and her relationship with Taylor Kinney and it is always nice to hear a bit of celebrity romance news so I found it ever so cute when she recently spoke about finding love with the handsome actor and model.
Speaking to Fashion magazine she revealed that her relationship with Kinney is real love. Aw!

Kinney, who starred as her lover in her video for the fabulous You and I, has been her boyfriend since 2011. The 27-year-old singer said of her love and connection with the Vampire Diaries and Chicago Fire actor, “It has been hard for me to find it but I have found love. When you meet someone that’s not intimidated by the amazing people that are around you [or] by the love that you receive – that’s love.”

She also spoke of her music saying,  “I put all my pain into my work and as joyful as this album (ARTPOP) is, this joy and if you look at the album cover there’s an explosion of joy that is coming from a place of intense sadness that’s been in my heart since I was younger and this is why we understand each other because I was not born happy, naturally always joyful or believing in myself. I was born with a sad heart.”

She also revealed that she “didn’t feel alive unless I was on a stage”.

I am so happy that they have both found each other. It is hard to find that special someone and as a fan of both of them I’m happy that they found each other. So sweet!