Blind Man’s Wolf (Tooth & Claw #1) By Amelia Faulkner Review!

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Blind Man’s Wolf (2014) by Amelia Faulkner is the first book in the author’s Tooth & Claw series.


In the novel we meet Ellis O’Neill who is an art dealer and secret vampire and Randall Carter who is a dog trainer and secret werewolf. Ellis has poor eyesight and has a guide dog called Tiberius who has suddenly started bringing him off on involuntary night walks and is just basically acting up. This is unusual for Tiberius. Enter on the scene Randall who has good eyesight and sets about sorting out Ellis’ situation with Tiberius. In this time Ellis and Randall begin to develop romantic feelings for each other. But it’s complicated. Apart from not knowing each other’s secret identities, there is Ellis’ secret of killing someone, an artist who is determined to kill Ellis and so is Randall’s pack if Ellis indeed turns out to be a vampire.

This is a very good start to the series. There’s a bit of everything in it from romance to crime and the supernatural and it worked all very well together. The idea for this story is very good. I think it was very clever to put a secret werewolf as a dog trainer because Randall would be able to understand Tiberius from a more personal perspective. That was a very good idea. I also really liked that important issues such as disability, racism and homophobia were discussed in the book.

There is an opposites attract storyline here. Ellis is an introverted art dealer and vampire who runs in the higher types of circles and has a bit of wealth. On the other hand, Randall is a dog trainer and werewolf just trying to get by on his salary who runs in very different circles. The old romantic in me liked the idea that love could cross wealth status barriers in the book. They also have very good chemistry together and it’s cute. I also quite like Ellis’ dry sense of humour and the fact that Randall would buy a new shirt for a date. Their interactions don’t feel forced either. It feels like they are coming together in a very paced way and slowly becoming more at ease together.

My favourite character in the book was Jay and I would love to read a series based on Jay’s marriage with Han. Jay just comes across very warm, loyal and caring. He is very much trying to juggle time with Han and helping Ellis out further than his job description at the art gallery requires. Han seems to really adore him and vice versa and I love them as a couple in the book as well as Ellis and Randall. I also love Ellis’ and Jay’s friendship. They are very close and always there for each other. Their interactions are also often very fun.

My only flaw with this book is that I think there is far too much detail. Don’t get me wrong, detail is good. But I just think there is sometimes a little too much describing in this book of settings, etc … which can at times be irritating as it stops the action side of the plot moving forward. I think the author writes detail very well but the book could be better with a little less detail.

There is a bit of sex in this book and it is gorgeously hot. I read that scene on the train actually and kept looking up to see if anyone was looking! I didn’t stop reading it though so that says all you need to know about the sex scene. It was super hot and keeps the reader’s attention.

One last thing, I loved the little dote that is Tiberius. And the moral of this story is always trust your dog.

A fun and interesting read.


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