OutCry’s Charity Single For Cancer Research UK!

You may remember that I recently blogged about Leicester band OutCry’s single entitled “In Your Memory” and how all the proceeds when you download the song were going to the amazing charity that is Cancer Research UK. Well they made it to their goal of 450 pounds on http://www.justgiving.com/outcryuk and have since went beyond it reaching a whooping 784.32 pounds for the charity so far.

The band is made up of Scott Cadenhead, Alex Brooks,Rick James and James Byron. The band wrote the song in memory of Rick James’ mother, Patricia James. She sadly died in 2013 from cancer.

Aaron James who is Patricia’s son and Rick’s brother said,

 “I think it’s amazing!….very proud of him, he’s got a lot of talent!….. it’s a great song, and raising money for a great charity.”

Meanwhile James Byron said,

“We wanted to release a track to keep her (Patricia James) memory alive and hopefully make some money for Cancer Research UK, we all worked really hard on this track called ‘In Your Memory…’ and we have decided to release the track as a free download, all we ask is if you could possibly donate whatever you can afford to our fund raising page.”

It is a vary strong rock song and having lost my father, from a heart attack in 2008, I can relate a lot to a lot to the lyrics which are very moving and authentic of how you feel in that situation when you have to go on without someone who has been such a constant and vital person in your life.

Everything from the vocal to the music is perfect and for a very worthy cause. I work voluntary for the Irish Cancer Society and like everyone else I have lost people to cancer so I know it is an amazing help so well done to the lads for doing that.

Watch the amazing black and white studio video here:

And remember to download the song from from: www.outcryuk.com and donate to this amazing charity at:

http://www.justgiving.com/outcryuk .

If you want to know more about the brilliant work that Cancer Research UK do go to: http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/

Patricia James, rest in peace.

Katie Taylor’s Homecoming Fight in Bray!

On Sunday night me and my mum and my sister went up to see the Katie Taylor fight in Ballywaltrim Community Centre in Bray for her homecoming. It was the first time that we had all been to a boxing match and it was a fabulous night out.

Before Katie’s fight we seen other boxing matches and standout boxers were K Nevin, C Percy, E Cleary, S Sommers and P Cawley but everyone was brilliant.

Then came the main event: Katie Taylor versus Finland’s Mira Potkonen. I seen Katie before after she came home from the Olympics down at the seafront but I didn’t see her as clearly until Sunday. That day I also briefly got on the bus she arrived home in briefly. That was a thrill! The kind-hearted girl signed an autograph for my mum on Sunday. It was great to see her. She is a World and Olympic champion and has did Ireland and Women all around the world proud. I still remember watching her win the gold medal at the Olympics with my mum and sister on a TV in casino Fun Palace in Bray. It was a proud, wonderful, inspirational day.

The two boxers were amazing and put up a great battle but in the end Katie who had also won her fight in the Mansion House in Dublin the night before also won her boxing fight for her homecoming. Well done Katie!

It was a great night and the three of us enjoyed it. All the staff up there were lovely too.

Our hero Katie Taylor

Our hero Katie Taylor