Cross Fire By James Patterson Review!

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Cross Fire (2010) by James Patterson is the 17th book in the Alex Cross series.


This book is a wonderful mystery and has much romance in it as well. As they are my two favourite genres this book was a glorious read. So on the romance side first Cross seems to have found the one in law enforcement agent Bree Stone (although after Christine I shall hold my breath) and the happy couple are planning their wedding. But of course in true Patterson style things are not about to run so smoothly for Cross and his soon-to-be bride. Interruptions to their plans come when Cross needs to investigate the murders of a corrupt congressman and a corrupt lobbyist. A theme is starting here and soon the secret killer is murdering corrupt politicians. Working alongside Cross in this latest Patterson thriller is FBI agent Max Siegel and we also have the return of one of Cross’ nemesis’ Kyle Craig and he is out to kill Cross and his family.


This book is so crisply written and has as always the Patterson trademark of fast-paced suspense all through it. It is a very cleverly written thriller and the suspense of Cross finding out that Craig is closer than he thinks is a really excellent idea. It really heightens the tension for the reader and keeps you turning the pages. What Patterson always does well and this book is no exception is that he writes the human side of his detectives so well as well as the professional which leaves the reader rooting for them. Many mystery writers forget that element of the story and it is very vital. Many people reading the books will not be involved in law or solving mysteries and they need to feel like the detective has that human side so they can identify with them and Cross is a very easy detective to relate to.


I also love the constant battle between Cross and Craig. They are both interestingly written characters, one in a good way and one in a bad way and their battles do be pretty epic which always helps a thriller along. Both of them are very well-rounded in their own ways and Patterson writes them both so complex and brilliantly. All the ingredients are in this book: a great plot, a great hero and a great villain. Patterson’s imagination is clearly flowing with ideas. No wonder he has written so many books! 🙂


A very enjoyable book as always.


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