A Love Like Blood By Marcus Sedgwick Review!

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A Love Like Blood (2014) by Marcus Sedgwick is a gripping mystery starting in 1944 and spanning over two decades from 1944 to 1968. Known for being a YA writer, this was Sedgwick’s first novel for adults.


The main character Charles Jackson who is an English Army Corporal sees a man drinking a woman’s blood from her possibly lifeless body in 1944. From there the incident doesn’t leave his mind and seven years later when he comes back to Paris, where he seen the terrifying incident, he sees this man again. Intent on finding the truth he makes it his mission to stop this man and bring justice finally to the woman’s memory or to possibly find her alive. This book centres a lot on guilt and responsibility and Jackson, though he thinks she was dead, is unsure whether she was and whether he could have saved her if he had acted at the time. This pushes him further on to find out what happened to her and to do something about it now. It also shows the fear which comes from doubt.


Absolutely chilling, this book is part mystery, part horror and very psychological. It is told from the point of view of the protagonist and we see the whole story unfold through his eyes which is rather enthralling. A very dark and disturbing book but a great thriller.


I think this is an excellent book. The ending stayed with me long after. A fantastic, as well as creepy, ending. Very compelling, you end up reading more of it than you plan on doing so as each chapter sets you off on a new journey or a new clue with Jackson. Much history can be learned from this novel too and it is very well researched by the author.


A stunningly crafted story. A very compelling read.


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