61 Hours By Lee Child Review!

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61 Hours (2010) by Lee Child is the fourteenth book in the Jack Reacher series.


The story begins when a bus Jack has jumped on with a bus driver and a bunch of old people is crashed into by a lawyer and becomes stranded in a snowstorm near Bolton, South Dakota. Here with sixty-one hours to go, Jack is faced with murders, a mysterious military site, drug running, harrowing secrets and time is of the essence. Along the way he meets a variety of characters including Janet Salter, an elderly lady who is willing to take on corruption and risk her life in the name of justice. Janet was my favourite character. She is this wonderfully interesting intellectual nerd and I adore her. I love how Lee didn’t write her in a stereotypical fashion of being a sweet old lady with not much else to her. He most certainly didn’t make her the “token older person” which I really liked.


We know from the off that criminal mastermind Plato is behind it but we must find out who is involved with him. It is very intriguingly done and doesn’t feel contrived but at times the clues can become a bit obvious. There is also a bit of romance thrown in with Jack having a few flirty phone calls with Susan in Washington while they both investigate the case. In further books I’m looking to see how that turns out for them. I also enjoyed Janet’s cupid moments about them.


I think the book was very well-written. While the ending is not surprising, the suspense is done brilliantly. A very action-packed novel. There is also great background about the characters including Jack whose childhood we learn a bit more about in this outing. As a character Jack is great. He isn’t your stereotypical investigator. He is a nomad and I think it’s great that he is for two reasons. Firstly because it adds a fresh take and a fresh perspective to the crime thriller genre than is often done and gives more representation to nomads. And secondly I think it’s a very clever idea because it gives the writer a lot of scope for the series. With Jack travelling around all the time he is more likely to encounter more people and more interesting cases than if he was in one place or a mini bubble. This is the first Jack Reacher book I’ve read and I love the idea of that. I really liked him but the only thing I didn’t particularly like about Jack’s character was that he has a habit of assuming things before he actually knows them and that is a trait I’m not really fond of in people.


A very gripping page-turner. Very engaging.


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