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As Michael got older, his eyesight started to go. Each night he tried to read because that is what he had always done. The print was so small and his eyes strained but he picked up little bits here and there and got the general gist of the story.

Then one day, he met a woman, fell in love, her eyesight was still holding out after all these years and she read to him. A chapter a day in her melodious voice and each day, cosed up with a book, they fell more and more in love.


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Going Down By Allison Temple Review!


Going Down (2018) by Allison Temple is a fantastic short read.

The story is set at a school reunion ten years after everyone has left. It follows the romance of Lucas Sanderson and Ben Hammersmith. Lucas has always fancied Ben and the story is told from his POV but Ben secretly feels the same. Lucas has to give a speech about his father at the reunion who he didn’t really get on with and is introduced by the headmaster who is a typical old-fashioned bigot who doesn’t even remember Lucas. In addition, the bullies of the school with head honcho Watt are still been idiots. So Lucas has a lot to put up with but he has the support of his friends married couple Felicity and Riya. After the reunion Lucas ends up getting stuck in the lift with Ben. Convenient but fabulous. And they begin to play Truth or Dare which brings out a whole host of secrets and helps them begin to understand each other more.

I loved the story and the author’s writing style. There is a great voice and lots of personality to this short. I really felt I got to know both characters especially Lucas who was my favourite character. His inner feelings about life are very on point and entertaining, very honest which I appreciated. In the course of the story there is many important issues dealt with such as bullying, prejudice towards LGBTQ+ people and people of colour and understanding of where you and another person are coming from to find peace and happiness which Lucas and Ben do when they are trapped together.

I will say that Watt seems to have a bit more to his story. I could be wrong but I felt that he might fancy Lucas and that was why he was being a moron. I could be very wrong on that but that was the feeling I got.

The story is a common plot but the way it is written is delightfully original and the character of Lucas drives the whole story along so, so well. I was very impressed with the writing here. Great humour present too.

A brilliant read.


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Love Rules By Jacki James Review!

Love Rules (2018) by Jacki James is a fantastic short read and introduction to the author’s Breaking the Rules series.

The book follows the love story of barista and artist Sean and businessman Carter. The story is told from both of their POVs. Carter makes the 20-minute journey to the White Rabbit where Sean works to get his coffee despite living in a building where he can get his coffee. Meanwhile Sean awaits his visits but is playing it somewhat cool and casual.

I like them as a couple. They have a very relaxed vibe with each other and actually listen to each other which is nice. I also loved their friends and was happy to see that future books included their stories too. I liked the humour in the book, the very natural dialogue and thought process of the characters. I liked how the author brought awareness to LGBTQ+ issues through Sean’s art and showed also there how creative outlets can be a great vehicle for expressing emotions you go through and the emotions other people go through.

Very likeable characters. Very real characters. Fantastic writing style. A story of romance with a great dose of friendship with the secondary characters as well. The one flaw I do have is that Sean’s and Carter’s relationship did feel slightly rushed in order to fit into the short story mould but I didn’t care because I absolutely loved it! I adored the characters.

An amazing read.


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The Mechanoid Cries Within By Brock T.I. Penner Review!

Brock T.I. Penner


The Mechanoid Cries Within (2019) by Brock T.I. Penner is a great short read.

The story follows a robot who is captured and left at the mercy of a demon owner with a sci-fi element. The story is deeply emotional and you find yourself really hoping for an escape. In so few words, the author really sweeps the reader up in the world and the characters present in the story which is really, really difficult to do. No word in this piece is filler. It’s a brilliant read and I would love to read more of this author’s work in the future.

The plot deals with the very important themes of slavery and control. The author deals with these issues in a very authentic and sensitive way and weaves these themes perfectly into the story and highlights these themes and raises awareness of them.

Gorgeously written, very fast-paced and an excellent read which brings out so many emotions in the reader from anger to compassion to passion about wanting things to be better. Very thought-provoking.

A really super write and a great introduction to this author’s work.

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Avalon By J. Scott Coatsworth Review!

sea waves on the sandy beach at night


Avalon (2018, first published 2015) by J. Scott Coatsworth is an immensely breathtaking romantic short write which also breaks your heart.

The story follows the love story of Tony and Jake. Jake is dying and Tony is caring for him in his final days in the world. But ever the romantic even in his suffering, Jake insists they go to the ocean in honour of their anniversary which they do every year. They get stranded in a fog and end up in an abandoned cottage. Here Tony ensures Jake gets the rest he needs after their detour has put a strain on him. But all is not quite as it seems. This beautiful, scenic area Avalon helps restore Jake to full health but it is on the condition that they can never go back. The way the writer describes the dilemma Tony faces is perfectly written. Tony wants to stay in Avalon with Jake but on the other hand his mother is unwell and he is worried that his family will think he is dead. But ultimately Jake is his main priority and he naturally stays.

I loved this book. It made me go through so many emotions while reading it. Tony and Jake are so in love and their romance is so sweet and beautiful. On the other hand their situation and the struggles they face are heartbreaking. There is also parts of this book which deal with prejudice against LGBTQ+ people and kudos to the author for not shying away from how horrible these situations can be. Even though the scenes were awful to read, it is realistic and it raises awareness of the prejudice LGBTQ+ people face and how awful it can be.

This is a short piece but the author packs so much into the book. The plot moves along at a perfect pace and nothing seems contrived or forced. Tony and Jake are lovely and are an adorable couple who really make the reader care about them and you are swept up in their emotional rollercoaster ride.

Sad and emotional but gorgeously written.


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His Spark By D.J. Jamison Review!

His Spark


His Spark (2018) by D.J. Jamison is a short romance set in the world of a Harry Potter book club, a Halloween party and is connected to Harry Potter fanfiction.

The story follows super Harry Potter fan Josh and non-Harry Potter fan Dylan. Josh works in a book store and is the leader of the Harry Potter book club. One night warehouse worker Dylan comes into the store to purchase a book for his niece and finds himself caught up in the middle of the book club. The pair are instantly attracted to each other but are unsure that they are what the other is looking for because they are very different in many ways such as Josh being a reader and Dylan being more into hiking. Their fear and insecurity are not being each other’s type is very authentically constructed.

As the book progresses, the author gets so much packed into this short and helps us get to know both characters very well. The secondary characters are also interesting, add to the plot and are as likeable as the MCs. Well almost so.

I like the way Josh and Dylan are both so down-to-earth. They are both like people you meet every day. And I love how interested Josh is in fanfiction and how Dylan plays along with it because he adores Josh. I also liked how Josh wasn’t some prejudiced jerk about Dylan’s dyslexia. Together they are super sweet and they work together so, so well.

Very enjoyable & character-driven. Great read.


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Friday Fictioneers: Routine





It was a routine appointment for Claire. Like how her friend Joanne went to the book club or her other friend Sophie went to her careers advisor. It was an appointment she wouldn’t tell the girls about at lunch later. Doctor Cole tried to get her to open up about why she looked so much for love, why she felt so much rage. But Doctor Cole would go home to her loving husband and forget all about her.

I want love so bad because Daddy never gave it. I feel so much rage because Daddy was a controller of Mum.


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