Poem: Approval, Love & Validation

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

I remember a time when I looked for approval,

for love and validation

and those days seem a distant memory now,

the self-love I feel even in the hard moments is deep,

a fire that just can’t be put out,

I believe in myself

and I pass over the negativity people push my way,

it means nothing,

therefore it is nothing,

I wish that for others,

wish that isolating feeling would leave them,

let them live this beautiful peace in their minds

that I have been lucky enough to find,

when you love yourself you always have love,

when you approve yourself you always have approval,

when you validate yourself you always have validation,

it might feel like that is not enough

but it is more than enough,

it is the most beautiful love,

approval and validation you can find.


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