5 Videos To Watch This Week On YouTube!

Hi everybody! 🙂

Here is my latest five video suggestions.


First up here is Jessica from Reiki Healing Hope with a relaxing ASMR session which includes plucking and pulling out of your stress, reiki symbols and helpful advice, gratitude and affirmations. Excellent as always.

Next up is a relaxing scalp check, treatment and hair trim on Afro/Kinky hair from Nadia at Relaxing Sleep ASMR. Amazing.


Next here is Pabllo Vittar’s music video for Amor de Que. Great music video and the song is such a bop.

Next up is Lizzo’s performance of About Damn Time/2 Be Loved (Am I Ready) from the VMAs from the MTV YouTube channel. Just brilliant. I really enjoyed this performance.


Finally for today here is episode 10 of No Gorge with Violet Chachki and Gottmik. In this episode they talk about their pet peeves. As always very entertaining.


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