5 Videos To Watch This Week On YouTube!

Hi everybody! 🙂

Here is my latest five video suggestions.

Social Issues

First up we have episode 40 in Crash Course’s amazing Black American History series with Clint Smith. In this episode Clint talks about the vital role many women played in the fight against racism. He discusses how women had to struggle against both prejudice towards their race and gender and speaks about the role intersectionality played in this struggle. A really informative and brilliant episode as per usual.

Next we have a documentary from Complex News called Stop Killing Us: Black Transgender Women’s Lived Experiences. In the documentary six black trans women speak about the violence and prejudice black trans women face every day. An amazing documentary.

Next we have a documentary from Vice called Living Through Gay Conversion Therapy which shows the abuse which occurs in Gay Conversion Therapy. An excellent documentary.


Currently my sister and I are watching this series of podcasts with Gottmik and Violet Chachki called No Gorge. In this first episode they discuss Violet’s Drag Race looks. Really enjoyable.


Finally for today we have Whitney Houston’s I’m Your Baby Tonight from Welcome Home Heroes. You will definitely find yourself dancing! 🙂 An incredible performance and Whitney’s vocal is just wow.


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