5 Videos To Watch This Week On YouTube!

Hi everyone! 🙂

Finally have caught up, yay! Enjoy! 🙂


First up we have a quiz from QuizMe. This is another 50 general knowledge questions. I got 8 right! 🙂 Had fun though. I enjoy these so much even though I’m often useless at them! 🙂

And secondly we have another general knowledge quiz from QuizMe in which I got 22 right but before you get excited there was a hundred questions in it so not great still! 🙂 There is ten rounds here on different topics and it was very enjoyable.


Thirdly we have Celine Dion with That’s The Way It Is. This is such a great classic and I love how the music video is told as all the fans watching and being inspired. That’s how I read the story in any case and I loved that.

Next up is Charlie Puth with Light Switch. I find the song catchy and the music video is really storytelling about after a break-up. I like how the story is told and comes together.

Finally for today here is Rich Forever by Todrick Hall. Super catchy track and I think the music video is creative and fabulously cheeky. The dancing is really great in it too. I adore the confident message in this song.

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