Don’t Worry, Grandpa By Nick Ward Review!

Don't Worry, Grandpa (Red Fox picture book): Ward, Nick,  Ward, Nick: 9780099333913: Books

Don’t Worry, Grandpa (1998) by Nick Ward is a really beautiful read.

In this book Charlie is comforting his grandfather who is scared of thunderstorms. Charlie is on hand to soothe Grandpa’s fears every time the storm gets stronger. It is such a charming and delightful book, definitely has a lot of warmth and heart to it. I adore the relationship between Charlie and his grandfather. It’s so sweet. I think this book teaches children to be very compassionate and to understand a person’s fears and help them with that instead of mocking them or dismissing their fears. A really important message. (Side note: having a massive fear of wind, I could definitely relate a lot to Charlie’s grandfather with his fear of thunderstorms).

It is so well put together. The storytelling flows with ease from start to finish. Really well illustrated. It’s just amazing and the story just oozes kindness which I think is excellent.

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