Poem: Banish The Demons

Photo by Alberto Gasco on Unsplash

Listening to those who hold you back

is easy to do,

their words are repetitive,

so repetitive that it becomes ‘truth’ in your head,

the confusion as to why someone wants to hurt you

when you have done nothing to them,

it is hard to wrap your head around the motives

and then you believe what you hear,

you state your case,

they play the victim,

act like you are harsh,

mind games,

tangling knots in your head,

knots it takes mighty strength to break free from,

take your time,


believe in you in tiny steps,

bring yourself back from the depths,

you have so much to offer this world,

so much good,

you want people to be happy,


treated equal,

now is that a bad person?

Banish that negative voice,

it has no business being there.

2 comments on “Poem: Banish The Demons

  1. PERKY says:

    Thanks lisa for sharing, this was much needed. lots of love for sharing this..

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