Angels: An Endangered Species By Malcolm Godwin Review!

Angels: An Endangered Species

Angels: An Endangered Species (1990) by Malcolm Godwin is a wonderful read.

There is lots of information in this book about angels. It is definitely a very informative book. I don’t believe in angels but I found it very interesting and there is lots of amazing illustrations in it. I think it is very jam-packed and there is lots for someone who believes in angels to enjoy and become engrossed in here. Some of it went a little over my head so I don’t think it is the most accessible book in the world if you don’t know a lot about angels prior to reading. It is definitely more for someone who has a good knowledge of the topic. In saying that I did learn a lot from the book. There is a lot packed in here as I said and it was very interesting. There is a lot about devils in the book as well so it is a book about angels but there is a lot of information about devils too.

It is a really good reference book. It probably needed some more citations about where information was found as that wasn’t always clear. It definitely came across as a work the author was passionate about which is always good to see. A lot of history here too which was really interesting. A really good book for anyone interested in a lot of areas like angels, devils, religion, mythology, history and art. I really loved the illustrations. They were really gorgeous and added to the text very well.

A great coffee table book and a great reference book.

To purchase Angels: An Endangered Species by Malcolm Godwin go to:

For more about Malcolm Godwin and his work go to:

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