Bush Tucker Magic By Jan Palethorpe Review!

Bush Tucker Magic (1997) by Jan Palethorpe is a really good short read.

This is a really great guide to bush tucker food like Jalgamugudah (Mudshells), Bush Pudding, Bush Honey, Magabala (Bush Bananas) and Witchetty Grubs. The food is accompanied with text related to each food and some beautiful artwork. Visually this book is so gorgeous and the book’s information is very interesting. The sections are written by Valerie Lennard, Kathy Bird, Annette Riley, Cecelia Riley, Pamela Marshall, Linda De Lower, Agnes Bird, Lizzie Kelly and Nusheba McMahon. Gorgeous artwork is displayed by all the writers as well as Jeanette Ishigushi, Antoinette Hunter, Pat Latham, Nicki Dawson, Halimah Bin Karim, Josie Drummond, Luis Karadada, Jenny Drummond, Ina Kitching and Sonja Kurrar. Editing was done by Jan Palethorpe.

It is such a beautiful collaboration. I really enjoyed the book. Everything is very well put together and the whole thing just seems to be done with passion and a love for the subject. I learned a lot about bush tucker food here and it was fun to look at the gorgeous artwork while I was doing so.

An informative, stunning and great book.

To purchase Bush Tucker Magic By Jan Palethorpe go to:

For more about Jan Palethorpe and her work go to:


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