Autobiography By Morrissey Review!


Autobiography (2013) by Morrissey is a wonderful read.

I loved this book. In the book Morrissey speaks about his life and career throughout the years. He talks about the sad times in life where he was grieving and all the more happier times in his life and he writes each of these things with such honesty. He has a beautiful way of writing. One part conversational, one part poetic. The book feels very honest and really shows the struggles working-class creatives face at the start of their career but how with a lot of extra determination you can succeed. I could definitely relate to a lot of what he was saying. I liked how he came across in the book, very likeable and very confident.

I think the book will be marmite because it is written in such an authentic way and anything which is always is but I love how it seems so naturally written with great honesty. You can tell that he writes each section truthfully and as he would like to write it, not how he thinks people would necessarily think he should write it. That to me is a huge element which makes this such a really great read. He seems warm and seems to have a great sense of humour and he seems very interesting and deep too. All those traits make this such a great read. He doesn’t seem to care what people think and I really like that a lot.

I love how interested he is in different aspects of culture. This book contains a lot about music and film. I think he clearly gives time in his life to being invested in interesting music and film and that seems a really cool and happy way to be. It seems very everyday and interesting and a lot of people leave those type of things out of their autobiographies and really that is a huge part of living, taking an interest in things and living each day instead of just putting in the big ‘highlights’. I liked that about this book.

Really really excellent. A must-read.

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