Astrology For Dummies By Rae Orion Review!

Astrology For Dummies, 2Nd Edition: Rae Orion: 9788126513659:  Books

Astrology For Dummies (1999) by Rae Orion is a very interesting book.

It is a really good guide for explaining astrology to a complete beginner. I found it a really intriguing read and enjoyed getting to learn more about astrology through the book. I don’t believe in astrology but I do find it incredibly interesting and fun to read about so I was very entertained by this book. There was lots of romance and life in the book through an astrological lens and the explanations about the information such as planets, houses and what terms meant was very accessible and explained very well.

I think it was very well put together and researched. I felt like there was a lot of passion for the subject from the author which is always great to see in writing. I think when an author loves what they are writing about it really shows and makes readers enjoy the book more too and that is very clear with this author and this book. I think the book is definitely more for beginners than someone who knows a lot about astrology but I think it could be a fun and interesting recap for readers who know more about the topic.

A really great read.

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