Teach Yourself Reflexology By Chris Stormer Review!

Teach Yourself Reflexology (Teach Yourself   General)

Teach Yourself Reflexology (1995) is a great book.

The book is part of the Teach Yourself books and explains what Reflexology is and how to do different techniques and where the points are to apply pressure. There is a lot of handy diagrams to help readers with how to achieve these goals. It did feel like this book was intended for everyone including beginners and to an extent it was but it does feel that very quickly you are being thrown a bit in at the deep end. There is preparation to give the author their due but once the techniques start there is a lot to process one after the other. I think there could have been more time given to the different techniques.

However I do understand that there was a lot to get through here and that the author was trying to give us as much knowledge as possible. I did find the book interesting apart from that. I found the content interesting and the diagrams helpful. It is an excellent book but I think it is an excellent book for people who are more familiar with the techniques of reflexology as opposed to complete beginners. The book seems amazing from my limited knowledge of reflexology but it does feel like it would be more useful to an audience which was more intermediate or beginners even with a certain amount of knowledge. I think this could be a great book for them but not complete beginners so much.

All in all though I did enjoy it and it was a very good and interesting read.

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