Quick & Easy Microwave Mug Recipes By JR Stevens Review!

Quick & Easy Microwave Mug Recipes by [JR Stevens]

Quick & Easy Microwave Mug Recipes (2017) by JR Stevens is a wonderful cookbook.

The book contains a variety of amazing recipes which are perfect for a fast-paced lifestyle. The recipes are divided into four different sections: breakfast, entrees, side dishes and desserts and have some gorgeous options including Blueberry Muffins and Pancakes, Sweet Potato Hash, Mac & Cheese, Egg Fried Rice, Salsa Meatloaf, Thai Green Curry, Shakshuka, Homemade Ramen, Rice Krispy Treat, Raspberry Mug Cake and Red Velvet Mug Cake. The great thing with these recipes is how most of the ingredients needed are ingredients you would probably have in your kitchen already and it shows just the amount of things you can make with a bit of creativity and from stepping outside the box.

As you can see there is lots of ideas for starters, mains, deserts, sides and just a nice treat for yourself. Much of the recipes seem like you can rustle them up without much fuss and be enjoying gorgeous food in no time. There is no pictures though apart from the cover image so if you are looking for pictures of the dishes this may not be the cookbook for you but personally I really enjoyed it nonetheless.

An amazing book.

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