5 Videos To Watch This Week On YouTube!

Hi everybody! 🙂

Social Issues/History

First up here is episode ten in Crash Course’s amazing Black American History series. In this episode Clint Smith speaks about the 1973 Fugitive Slave Act and talks about Somerset V Stewart and Ona Judge. As always a really informative episode. Excellent.

Social Issues

Next we have this incredible Tedx Talk with LC Johnson where she discusses the four places and speaks about how we need that Fourth Place to thrive. Such a wonderful talk about women of color and about the microaggressions and obstacles women of color and minority groups in general face. On a side note I loved LC’s humour and wit and I admire so much how she infused that wit into such heavy topics.


This is an amazing video from Indeed which shows you how to do the perfect job interview. Lots of amazing tips and the way the run-through of main parts of the interview accompanies the tips works really well.


Next is this amazing collaboration between Patrick Starr and Kandy Muse. After Kandy played Patrick on Drag Race’s Snatch Game it is is so great to see Kandy and Patrick doing a make-up collaboration together. Their make-up looks are amazing and the video is really fun and interesting.


Finally here is Drag Race’s Rosé’s music video for her song The Devil In The Details. Amazing song and music video.

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