The Thursday Murder Club By Richard Osman Review!

The Thursday Murder Club: The Record-Breaking Sunday Times Number One Bestseller by [Richard Osman]

The Thursday Murder Club (2020) by Richard Osman is a very good read.

The book, which is the first in the author’s series and his debut novel, follows four older people Joyce, Ibrahim, Elizabeth and Ron who attend The Thursday Murder Club in their retirement village of Cooper’s Chase. In the club they discuss unsolved murders but soon they find themselves investigating the case of three murders. I like the idea for the book. It is great to see four older people investigating and the idea of a club about unsolved murders is a great thing to set the murders around. The mystery is well-written and not very obvious which is difficult in mystery writing and I think there was a great job done here with that. There was parts of it tied up a little bit too quickly and easily though. I liked how we really got to know the characters and there was a lot of heart and depth to their stories. I do think there was quite a few dodgy comments and thoughts by characters of all ages in the book which was good observation because there is sadly people who do think and say those things. On the downside it made a lot of the characters quite unlikeable and some of them were some I think were some you were supposed to be rooting for. However I had two characters I adored. One was a major part of the story Ibrahim and there was also a side character Anthony I liked too.

I do like the way there is comedy in the book. A lot of writers who write mystery do not put comedy into their books and I think that is often sorely missed in mystery books. There is also a lot of serious issues spoken about like dementia, grief, suicide, depression and how it feels when a person gets older so there is a good mix of mystery, fun and the more serious sides of life all in this book.

A really good read.

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