5 Videos To Watch This Week On YouTube!

Hi everybody! 🙂

Here is my latest five video suggestions to watch this week on YouTube.

Social Issues/History

First up we have episode five in Crash Course’s incredible Black American History series. In this episode Clint Smith talks about the Germantown petition against slavery which was one of the earliest attempts to abolish slavery. Very informative and interesting episode about people who fought early on against racism.

Next up we have this very intriguing video by Matt Baume where we learn about ballroom history and look at the history of documentaries about ballrooms like Paris Is Burning, The Queen and Kiki. Amazingly interesting video about the lives of Queer people, especially Queer people of colour, in the ballroom scene throughout the years.


Next up we have five amazing poems by Langston Hughes: Theme for English B, Madam’s Past History, The Negro Speaks of Rivers, Night Funeral in Harlem and Dream Variations. Beautifully read too by PoemsBeingReadALOUD.


Thirdly we have a very relaxing video specifically done for Pride Month by Whispering Gentleman ASMR.


Finally for today we have an amazing track from Luther Vandross called Your Secret Love. So brilliant and a really great music video too.


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