The Loss Of The Titanic, 1912 By Tim Coates And Uncovered Editions Review

The Loss of the Titanic: 1912

The Loss Of The Titanic, 1912 (1999) by Tim Coates and Uncovered Editions is an amazing book which includes the report by the government about the disaster, a section about the expenses which the Board of Trade and other government departments paid out and the Right Honourable Cecil Parkinson MP’s opinion of events after the Titanic was discovered in 1985.

I found the book really interesting and informative. It was very well put together and the sections really worked well together. It is definitely more a detailing of the facts and doesn’t really go too much into the human side of the disaster which I think is what the book was intended as. While I would personally prefer a book which talks about the human side and the stories of the people on board more I think that is just my personal taste as a reader. This book is perfect for what it sets out to do and will suit readers who are simply looking for facts and opinions on the stats and possibilities and facts about how the Titanic sank. There is a lot of sea-related terms which did sometimes go above my head but there is a very helpful glossary of nautical terms which accompanies this book which helps somewhat. Obviously there is so many sea-related terms that they couldn’t include everything in the glossary.

It is a great book and really helps readers to know more about the disaster and gives you a real insight into the aftermath at the actual time and later. So well put together and looks at the events from several different points of view. It is great that a book like this is out there with all this information in it of different sources all in one place making it very accessible for people to learn.

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