5 Videos To Watch This Week On YouTube!

Hi everybody! 🙂

Here is another five video suggestions to watch this week on YouTube. 🙂

Social Issues

In this video from Vox, eleven-year-old Jolia Bossette speaks about her thoughts and feelings about being a black child in America. Very interesting and brilliantly put together. It is really heartbreaking to hear anyone but especially a child facing prejudice, ignorance and fears for their safety. Often we live in a very disgusting world when children are being put into these awful and terrifying situations because of the ugly nature of a lot of adults who should know better.


This video is about Europe’s oldest person Sister Andre who tested positive for Covid-19 but thankfully made a full recovery. At the time of the report she was 116 but was set to celebrate her 117th birthday. Such a lovely story and I hope she had a really amazing birthday. 🙂


Recently I was engrossed in The Masked Singer UK and my favourite was the amazing Dragon who was revealed to be Sue Perkins. Sue did such an incredible job. Really entertaining and fun and she has a really great voice. The Dragon was mine, my Mum’s and my sister’s favourite and it was great to find this compilation of the Dragon’s entire journey on the show.


I was delighted to see this compilation go up of one of my favourite drag artists Bob The Drag Queen. Seems compilations are being made for me lately and I’m not complaining! 🙂 Bob is so witty and talented and this compilation of her time on RuPaul’s Drag Race on her way to winning season 8 is amazing.


Finally we have some music from Fleur East. Her song Sax is such a great bop and I come back a lot to listen to this track when I want to dance. Excellent.

2 comments on “5 Videos To Watch This Week On YouTube!

  1. BR says:

    Great recommendations ❤️ thanks for sharing 😃 https://uncuaderno4cero.wordpress.com/

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