Poem: Middle-Class Man

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(The following poem is based on my character Matt and told from his POV from After The Fishing Trip, Xmas With The Fam and mostly from my WIP Hidden. Hope you like it. :-))


I find it hard to say what I think,

so many people are relying on me

to be a certain way,

middle-class man,

son of a lawyer father

but I got steel in my soul,

more than I’m supposed to

and I’m wilder than people think,

Add into that I’m a man,

I can’t show emotion,

it’s how I was brought up,

emotion is weakness,

don’t talk about how I feel about

Mum’s affairs with other men,

keep it inside,

it’s what ‘real’ men do,

keep everything inside in general

and try not to go mad,

my partner Vic probably thinks I’m a coward,

I wonder myself sometimes

but it doesn’t matter

because I can’t say what I think,

I’d let people down

and I can’t do that

but sometimes it plays havoc with my brain

and I will have to get used to it.

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