A Case Of Identity By Arthur Conan Doyle Review!

Leticia Silva's review of A Case of Identity


A Case of Identity (1891) by Arthur Conan Doyle is a short read.


In the story, we meet Miss Mary Sutherland who has asked for the help of Sherlock Holmes in finding her missing groom on the day of their wedding. As the story unravels, we get to know about the love she and the missing groom have for each other and about Mary’s life.

It is very intriguing and a lot is packed into the shortness of it. I read this story in one sitting. Sure, it might not be the story that might come to many of our minds instantly when we think of Sherlock Holmes because some of the other stories he has been in are longer and give more detail. But this is excellent for what it is. It is a very enjoyable and entertaining way to break away from a project you are working on and just read and relax for a bit and recharge the batteries. It isn’t the most suspenseful but it is well put together. It was clever and the ending was emotive and sad but totally the right ending in terms of the puzzle of the story. Just there could have been a little more suspense generated throughout but an entertaining read nonetheless and I liked Mary as a character too so it was nice to meet her.


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