Vegetarian Cooking By Magna Books Review!


Vegetarian Cooking (1993) by Magna Books is a book with lots of gorgeous recipes for vegetarians.


The book contains 30 amazing recipes with gorgeous photographs of the dishes. There is dishes like soups, curries, savoury food, sweet food and much more. Finding food when someone is vegetarian can be difficult (I’ve heard numerous people say so and I used to be) but in this book there is so many tasty options such as Indian Vegetable Curry, Hot Apple Pizza, Lentil Moussaka, Sweet Bean Curry and Mushroom Stroganoff to name but a few.

A great book with an index that is well laid out for easy reference to find dishes on the regular. Most of the ingredients are easy to find in the shops which takes the stress out of cooking for yourselves or any vegetarians you know or anyone you know who likes vegetarian food in general.

An interesting, wonderful read.


I did see a few purchase options online for this book but it’s in one left in stock options so if many people are interested in this book, it isn’t widely available but I thought I would let you all know about it’s existence and what I thought about it.


For more about Magna Books and their work go to:



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