Theodore Boone: Theodore Boone By John Grisham Review!

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Theodore Boone: Theodore Boone (2010) by John Grisham is the first in a YA series of books which Grisham wrote.

The story follows the protagonist who the book is titled after Theodore Boone. Boone is a thirteen year old who longs to be a lawyer when he grows up and in this first outing we see him in pet court defending a school pal and the girl he likes Hallie as she tries to hold onto her pet dog Rocky who had escaped from their house. Outside of pet court Boone has another case to deal with although this one he must get the information to the Judge without being a lawyer in the case. A woman Myra Duffy has been murdered and her husband Pete Duffy is on trial for the murder. Boone learns some information from a classmate of his Julio whose cousin Bobby witnessed something which could prove that Pete did murder Myra. The information is vital as it looks like Pete will get away with murder. But Bobby is reluctant to give the information towards the case as he is illegally in the country.

An intriguing book with a lot of accessible information on the law. Theodore is a great main character too with such wonderful ambition for his life and there’s a great cast of characters in this book from Hallie to Julio, April who is another friend of Theodore’s whose parents are going through a divorce and Theodore’s mother, father and uncle. His mother and father were lawyers and his uncle used to be. I haven’t read any more of the Theodore Boone books as of yet but this is an interesting read and hopefully at some stage I’ll get the chance to read where Theodore’s journey takes him in the future. There is also a great Q & A with John Grisham at the back of this book.

A great read.

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