Cross Bones By Kathy Reichs Review!

Cross Bones: (Temperance Brennan 8) by [Kathy Reichs]


Cross Bones (2005) by Kathy Reichs is a very intriguing read.


This is book eight in the Temperance Brennan series. In this book, Temperance is investigating a skeleton found at an archaeological site. The discovery leads her onto a case where the theory is that the skeleton is Jesus. She goes to Israel to investigate with her love Andrew Ryan and soon discovers much more than she has bargained for.


I found this book very enthralling. I loved the way Reichs mixed religion into the story and created an extremely compelling plot. I did love her friend archeologist Jake Drum. I found him interesting, complex and straight-talking. He was my favourite character in the book. I think the book is very well-researched which is something Kathy Reichs is always excellent at.

The ending was a surprise but it was also a little bit of an anticlimax, only because there was so much drama and plot prior to it so that was a pity. But look, I’m not going to hold that against the book. It’s amazing. Page-turning. Probably my favourite book by Kathy Reichs alongside Bones Never Lie.


Excellent write.


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