Honeymoon By James Patterson & Howard Roughan Review!

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Honeymoon (2001) by James Patterson & Howard Roughan is entralling and keeps you turning the page in anticipation of what is going to happen next.


This book is a slightly longer book than some of Patterson’s other books but it is well worth the time to invest in it. But warning, it can be hard to put down at each sitting. In this book we meet Black Widow Nora Sinclair who is an interior designer and who is a ruthless character who will strive to get what she wants at any cost even killing her husband Conner. FBI agent John O’Hara comes on the scene to investigate, under the guise of an insurance investigator, whether or not she killed one of her husbands Conner in her pursuit of the lavish lifestyle she craves so much. And he must aim to save the life of her other husband Jeffrey. But like Conner and Jeffrey he too falls under her spell but is it enough to cloud his professional judgment on the case.

It’s a wonderfully interesting book that keeps the reader on board as they try to think out all the possible endings to this book. Will she be caught? Will she get the life she always wanted by these horrific crimes? Will she and John ride off into the sunset? Or will justice be done? And through all this the book is riveting. The characters are also very well-written and we get a great insight into their backstories which really adds an authentic feel to the overall book. This book was selected as the 2005 International Thriller of the Year and I can understand why as it is quite addictive once you start reading it.

A wonderful and enjoyable read.


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