The Tales Of Mother Goose By Charles Perrault Review!

The Tales of Mother Goose: Eight Stories for Children as First ...


The Tales of Mother Goose (1697) by Charles Perrault is a wonderful read.


In the book, Perrault has gathered together some of the most well-known fairytales and fairytale characters in literature in their original form. So many of these stories have been adapted a lot and it was nice to see how they were originally written and see where the changes were and just to see in general how it all began. There is slight changes in them but overall the essence of the tales have made it through the decades.

It is a lovely light-hearted read with great messages. We have Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Little Thumb (which wasn’t one I knew prior to reading this collection), Puss In Boots (Still love Puss but he is defo more savage in the original write), Riquet With The Tuft, Blue Beard, The Fairy (I didn’t know those three too well either prior to reading this book) and Little Red Riding Hood. It is a great read, one that you could read in one sitting but also could read a story a night from. It is great to see all these amazing short classics in childrens’ literature together and kudos to Charles Perrault for getting them all in one place.

Really great, fun read.


To get your free copy of The Tales of Mother Goose by Charles Perrault go to:

Click to access the-tales-of-mother-goose-by-charles-perrault.pdf


And for more about Charles Perrault and his work go to:

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